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Friday, May 3, 2013

Graduation Party Planning

I can't believe I only have 15 days until my baby graduates high school. Where has the time gone? I'm in full swing party mode. I invited over 150+ people to this event. So far it looks like around 40ish will be attending which is a good number. Have a place rented, decorations all purchased and will be getting the food items together this coming week. Decided against a cake and decided on a cupcake tree with a 5" cake on top. I'll take pictures of it when it's all put together.

I have some ideas on how to decorate the tables and food area. I look forward to snapping photos of them and posted when available. Until then, I have announcements to finish making, table decorations to paint, cupcake toppers to assemble and a scrapbook to put together for my daughter's gift from me to her.

Hubby make her a beautiful 2013 t-shirt today with our homeschool logo on the front and 2013 on the back. He surprised me today with a shirt for me. I'll take a picture of them both on and show it to you tomorrow after we give my daughter hers.. It's a busy week ahead.. I made a nice little planner for the next three weeks. Big blocks for me to write everything down everyday and have something to check off. It's so nice since I've been writing everything on scrap paper, sticky notes and what not.. I feel a lot more organized which truly helps me get everything I need done.

We were going to have a yard sale tomorrow but it's been raining all day today and have 40% chance of rain tomorrow and with no garage that's too much risk to put everything out and then get it rained on. We've been gathering stuff since our remodel back in January and it's now time to get it all out before family comes in less than two weeks for the graduation. It would also be SO nice to have my office back. That's where we've been storing everything..

I'll post pictures of my creations as I can throughout the weeks and definitely make a post of the actual event once it's done.. I'm so excited for my daughter.. She's all grown up now!!

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