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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Unprocessed Has Begun

October Unprocessed 2013 sponsored by Bob's Red Mill
Well, this challenge has officially started yesterday and lovin' it so far.. I did have a realization that I will no longer be buying coffees at any coffee stands since they are all processed and also when I go out to grocery shop, I need to make sure I eat before I leave because no more snacking or grabbing a sandwich while I'm out. Some little things that I've been doing lately that are now a no go, but I'm totally ok with that. This will not only save my health by eliminating anything processed or not real, and will also save on my pocketbook. I won't be buying almost $5.00 coffees and won't be buying sandwiches or snacks while running errands that adds up financially.
What will also be saving on our budget, is eating out at restaurants. With the no processed lifestyle that means no more eating out. Another great way to save on the waistline and the pocketbook!
As far as fixing meals, nothing really has changed with that since I already make unprocessed meals and have been since 2010. I did go back to making my own bread and can't believe I stopped doing that, because it's soooo delicious.. Fresh, homemade bread can't be beat by any bread you find in the store no matter how nutritious it is.. just sayin'...
I also decided to embark on making my own creamer from scratch. Since I couldn't pronounce most of what was in the creamer I used to buy for my home coffees, it's nice to have whole, real ingredients and again, like homemade bread, it just tastes better.. it tastes REAL...
I went grocery shopping for this week over the weekend and came out spending less but buying ALL organic. How? By purchasing ONLY what I NEED and not having a large amount of extras for the just in case. I have a somewhat strict menu to keep the ingredients in the fridge fresh without waste. I got tired of throwing away food because it went bad before I could use it, because I bought too much or had good intentions.
Now, with organic foods NOT cheap, I bought only what I can consume in the week I bought it. The fridge is all organized, cupboards, freezer and pantry has only whole foods in. It's a great feeling when you are providing healthy, real food choices and meals for the ones you love.. Best part of being a parent and wife...

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