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Friday, December 13, 2013 Review

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I've had the opportunity to review this wonderful online curriculum website A division of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I received the one year membership for this review.

  What is

A complete full service online curriculum for PreK- high school. It includes access to teachers, course studies, planners, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, classes for special needs, archived lessons, math resources, and more. Click HERE for a site tour.

Let's break this down a bit so you can understand how digital, online learning can work for you and your family.


The course studies are broken down into two categories. PreK/Elementary and Middle/High School.

There are currently 47 course classes available for middle/high school level within these subjects below, including:

  • Art/Drama
  • Computer/Technology
  • Foreign Language- French, Hebrew and Spanish
  • History
  • Geography
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Music/Voice
  • Reading
  • Science and Nutrition

Unique Electives:
Sewing, nature/outdoors, economics, film making, guitar, keyboarding, career exploration, mock trial, violin, play production, photography, media socialization, lapbooking to name a few

There are currently 28 course classes available for the PreK/Elementary level within these subjects below, including:

  • Art
  • Schoolhouse Preschool
  • History
  • Math
  • Science
  • Foreign Language- Spanish, Hands on Hebrew, French
  • Literature
  • Tinkers Club
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Home Economics
  • Reading
  • Nature/Outdoors
  • Electives including- Violin, Guitar, lapbooking, College Choice Guidance
This website includes expert teachers to help you in each subject taught. Providing video learning, audio learning, worksheet handouts, downloads, links to online materials and hands on family learning. Videos are easy to follow and understand. The ones I've had the opportunity to watch are engaging and work alongside the student with handouts for the chosen class.
For example- The Art Techniques classes are taught by Brenda Ellis. Author of ARTistic Pursuits art curriculum.
Professional, accurate, Christian Curriculum. Perfect parent led education at your fingertips each and every day.

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This online school provides more than just course work. They provide planners to help you navigate your school year and to help streamline your learning with one or more children using the program. You get Expo recordings, TOS Supplements, TOS Current and past digital magazine editions, Member Discounts to other particapting companies and e-books, free with your paid membership.
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What's Schoolhouse Dailies?

Daily worksheets and downloads for your student to work on.

 Includes subjects:

  • Grammar
  • Math
  • Writing
  • Copywork
  • Spelling
  • Shakespeare
  • Astronomy
  • Explorers
  • Everyday Epistles
  • PreK Activities
  • Hands on K-5
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Everyday Games
  • Music-Recorder
  • This Day In History
  • This Month's Menu- Meal Recipes to Enjoy

A great way to add a little review and fun into your homeschool day. 

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 Looking to organize your homeschooling and curriculum from the website? The provides you with downloadable and printable lesson planners and checklists to track the various courses you are using on the website.

With a PreK/Elementary Planners to Middle/High School Planners and checklists at your fingertips. You can follow along with the suggested printables or print off the blank template to make it fit your own families needs. An easy homeschool tracking approach for self directed family education.

Got a high schooler or looking to the future in regards to college? Start planning the future now with their downloadable High School Transcripts. You not only get the opportunity to make your own, you get instructions and information with links to gather more information that will help you be a success with your own child's transcript.

My Personal Thoughts About

I received the online membership a week ago so haven't had the opportunity to really utilize and take advantage of all that this online school has to offer. I do want to share what we've used thus far and look forward to using in the near future in our homeschool.

I have a 6th grader. In some states 6th is still elementary but I've noticed on this website it's more of a middle school grade so that's where I focused our studies. I allowed my son to pick 2-3 subjects that interested him to try out the format of the classes that were being offered.

He chose French, keyboarding, and Science.

I am happy to say that I have some french experience so that really helped with the few lessons we worked on together. I had a little trouble updating my media player to hear the actual teacher notes but am sure I can get that fixed and continue on with them. (NOTE: This issue is MY computer, not their website) Since I knew the basics of what they were teaching I had no problem doing the audio portion myself and then allowing my son to follow along with the printable worksheets and online instructions/descriptions. We didn't go to the current lessons as my son has no previous French experience so we took advantage of their archived lessons and went back to the beginning to the September 2012 lessons.

The lessons were very easy to understand, simple enough for him to grasp with no experience in the subject matter and started talking the language immediately.

He learned numbers 1-10, some of the alphabet including the vowels and basic greetings such as Bonjour, au revoir and Salut. As we finished up the week's lesson he was able to learn more simple words like mon, meaning my, garcon meaning boy, oncle meaning Uncle, nom meaning name, nombre meaning number and poisson meaning fish to name a few.

We were looking forward to tackling this subject. My son starting a typing course in August so he already has basic skills in keyboarding. I was looking forward to seeing the difference between this course and the one he's currently using.

My son is currently using a typewriter book form curriculum. It was a great switch for him to utilize the audio in this course. The teacher starts him out by listening to an audio Introduction and Pre-Assessment along with a Good Posture Audio. He recommends them to download the "Typing Coach Student Packet" since his lessons are included in it.

Starting with Day One my son was asked to type for three minutes called "Before and After Snapshot" A document from the Typing Coach Student Packet. He did rather well as he does have experience on the keyboard knowing where the keys are located.

Day 2 had him typing from the packet a page called Home Row. Typing what was asked of him until he could type without errors. Teaching yourself to read the letters on the page as you type them. Since my son has keyboarding experience like I mentioned before he did not have issue with this days lesson and was able to move on to the next one. If your child would have difficulty, there is no need to panic. You would just go back to the audio to listen and refresh again and then work on the Home Row again until you master the skill to move on.

Day 3 was similar with Day 2 using the worksheet Top Row. Same concept as the day before but using actual words and spacing examples. My son did wonderfully and liked the format of the lessons.

We really enjoyed this course and plan to finish out the entire 4 week program alongside what he's already using.

We decided to enjoy watching some of the science experiments that were posted in the archives since we didn't have much time to really do any.. We enjoyed watching "How Does Santa Get Down the Chimney?" video. Explaining by using an egg, glass of water, a match and bottle..

He also watched the video called "Diaper Genie Windbag". Using a diaper genie bag he shows you how to use just one puff of air to fill the entire back. This was really cool!

We finished off his science with watching "Exploding Sandwich Bag" which includes a ziplock bag, vinegar, baking soda and toilet paper.. Awesome!!!

My Opinion of

I'm very impressed with everything this website has to offer. You really can't get all of this for this price from textbooks. One stop curriculum for the entire family at a very affordable price. With this innovative education there really isn't anything else you would need to complete your homeschool year. I look forward to digging deeper into all of these subjects throughout this school year.

There is so much to see, utilize and do throughout the website. From the lesson plans, course studies, ebooks, to digital magazines, you have so much more than "here is your work kids".. Interactive, hands on, and fun learning at your fingertips.. I'm so glad this website was introduced to me and truly look forward to using all that I can with my children..

What is the cost of membership?

$3.00= access to the entire site for one full month
$12.95= cost per month
$139 per year making it $11.58 per month
a 10% off for entire year membership savings....

I received the yearly membership to review. You can also sign up for the one year membership HERE

Affordable- One Family, One Fee

Having Questions?

Not sure if will work for you? Check out their sample pages HERE
Click to read Crew Reviews

Point, Click, Teach your way to a fun, rewarding year in Home Education..
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  3. I like reading through everyone's reviews, it always shows me new things that I want to try out.We are looking through the science experiments today so this was a great review for me to read this morning!


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