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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A is for Achieving

blogging through the alphabet sm.
Blogging through the Alphabet
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A is for Achieving
Achieving a college education is my topic. My daughter graduated homeschool high school back in May 2013. She decided that she wanted to attend Montana State University- Great Falls in the Fall 2013 to achieve her Associates Degree in Graphic Design and an Associates degree in Web Design. To achieve both of these degrees she will need to attend school for 2 1/2 years full time. These two degrees overlap their qualifications so it's allowing her to work on both at the same time.
Not only is she working to achieve these two degrees, she's doing it all on her own. We decided years ago that we weren't going to help our kids financially to attend college. Outside of filling out the FAFSA for them to help with grants, that's all that we could afford financially. If they wanted to extend their education beyond what we provided for them, they needed to find a way.
My daughter took the challenge and said she wanted to go and earn these two associates degrees. She qualified for two grants this year that helped her financially with over half of the tuition. That was a huge blessing for her as she works part time right now at the local Dairy Queen. As we provide a roof over her head and all the basic needs, she can focus on her car insurance and school tuition/books.
So far she's working on her second semester which starts in a few days and she's still debt free with her college. I'm so proud of all her hard work. Not only has she paid for her entire college in cash, she's maintained a 3.5 gpa. Allowing her to pay her way through college, she's learning that if you want something bad enough, you'll work to earn it. That's what she's doing. I've seen too many times, kids getting college paid for them and they don't see the value of working hard because they didn't have to earn their way through it. I wanted more for my daughter and also for my two boys that may or may not attend college. Time will tell..
I'm so proud of all that my daughter has accomplished thus far in college and her life. She's showing me how hard work, dedication and determination will help you succeed in your life..

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