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Saturday, January 4, 2014

B is for Bible Studies

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B is for Bible Studies
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I thought I'd write up what bible studies I'm looking to complete in 2014.

I love the Women of Faith Study Guide Series. I'll be working on 5 of these this year including:

* "Magnificent Grace-Savoring the Greatness of God"
     About Grace
* "Listening For the Voice of God- Growing in Faith Every Day"
     About Discernment
* "Choosing Simplicity- Embracing the Benefits of a Simpler Life"
     About Peace
* "Discovering God's Will for Your Life"
     About God's Will
* "Living a Life of Balance"
     About Balance
I have two other studies I'd like to do that aren't part of the Women of Faith Series..

"How Do you Walk the Walk You Talk?"
This is a 6 week bible study

Christianity Today Study Series
"Faith and Pop Culture"
Finding Jesus in popular entertainment??

Working between 1-2 month on each study will give me a full one year of studies. I look forward to digging into these starting next week...

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