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Sunday, January 5, 2014

D is for Dating

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D is for Dating
After 16 years of marriage sometimes we forget to 'date' our spouses. The days run together with housework, schoolwork, extra curricular activities and taking care of the children and we tend to put our marriage second amongst all the 'to do' in our lives.
Over the past year I've taken an intentional approach to date my husband. Things that cost little to no money.
Suggestions of dates include:
($$= costs money)
*going for walks
*joining a gym and working out together (requires monthly dues $$)
*going out to lunch/dinner and sharing a plate
*See a rodeo ($$) if they have them in your area
*bowling ($$)
*shooting range ($$)-unless you know a place to go for free
*go to the library and pick out books for your spouse to read
*made a dinner for two, put the kids to bed and eat it by candlelight
*go for a drive to see things that are of interest to you both (historical buildings, water etc)
*find a scenic area and take pictures of each other to make into an album
*if you live in an area that has snow- go sledding, snowshoeing, skiing ($$ may cost)
*cook together
*go to a coffeehouse and share a coffee/tea
Do you have any date suggestions? Things you've done with your spouse? Would love to hear your suggestions..

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