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Monday, January 6, 2014

F is for Friendships

blogging through the alphabet sm.
Blogging through the Alphabet

Working my way through the alphabet to catch up to Ben and Me's current letter which as of this posting is N. Click on the picture above or go to Ben and Me website HERE to get more info on how you can join in...
F is for Friendships

This year 2014, my word is Focus and one area that I want to focus on is friendships. I've spent so many years working on relationships and grieving them when they've failed and not realizing they were meant for a season of my life. Ones that are in God's perfect timing but wasn't meant to last forever. I've posted in the past how I've struggled with wanting that perfect friend. I've now realized that friendships are not about that perfect someone, but memories made with others.

I've been truly blessed this year with new friendships and rekindling of older ones. While building new friendships, I'm letting go of others.. The season of life as they say but I'm so happy that God is showing me the way, paving a path to true friendships, even if they are for a season.

 photo 1508606_10202085598533502_1489285103_n_zps17e3d3f5.jpg
Friendships can be where you least expect them. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that my closest friends could just be a door or two away. I've been truly blessed in finding three new friends and never having to leave in my car to see them. My wonderful neighbors. Amelia (shown above w/ me at my Christmas Party), Candy and Rebecca.. A true gift from God...

 photo 1471294_10202085529091766_1267481676_n_zpseef77f31.jpg
Friendships are all about fun and adventure as well as sharing. Laughing together is the best medicine.. I'm blessed to have those kinds of friends as well..
God has opened my eyes this year and I'm so glad he has.. I've been much happier in my day to day life and having friends to share my ups and downs with.. It's a wonderful feeling..

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