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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fitness Challenge Day 2- 4 Goals

New Year Fitness Challenge - In Photos with
Onto Day 2 of the New Year Fitness Challenge
Today is 4 Goals..
 photo DSCF0493_zps43431ad8.jpg
My 4 Goals for 2014 in regards to fitness are:
1. Logging my exercise including miles ran. To focus more on outdoor running and less treadmill running.
2. Eat unprocessed, whole foods including lots more veggies and fruit..
3. Counting calories. I did this before and stopped and now I don't know where I'm going wrong as I gained 4 lbs over the past few months.. Back to writing it all down for me to see where changes need to be made.
4. Working out. I need to workout no less than 3 days a week a minimum of 30-45 minutes each session. Whether it's an exercise video, some free weights at the house, running or finding a gym and heading there.. I need to keep this a priority this year.
These are the four things that I will be working on for the entire year. Outside drinking tons of water and what I've said above.. My goal by the end of 2014 is to step on the scale and weigh 140 lbs. 9 lbs to go!! That's less than a pound a month.. A VERY easy goal to achieve.. starting now!
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