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Monday, January 6, 2014

G is for Gym

blogging through the alphabet sm.

Blogging through the Alphabet

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G is for Gym

 I started going to a 'gym' called "Curves" 4 years ago. Spent 6 months there and then my daughter joined me for 3 months. When I joined I weighed my heaviest at 174 pounds. When I left "Curves" in December 2010 I weighed 164 pounds. I realized after the 10 pound loss, the workouts weren't giving me enough to break my plateau. With that, my hubby also wanted to join a gym so we started looking for one.

Found "Gold's Gym". Had everything we were looking for. The gym offered everything we needed. A free daycare, since I had two kids needing it. At the time my boys were 11 and 8. This gym also offered free classes. Not only for the grownups, but also for the kids. The boys enjoyed their weekly Martial Arts classes. My oldest got up to a purple belt and my youngest to a green.

I took a lot of classes, including Zumba for awhile until I realized it was helping my weightloss goal. I decided to work out with the weight curcuit and cardio.. using the treadmill and elliptical. On occasion the stepper and bike. I lost my weight to where I am now going to the gym on a regular basis along with eating right.

Back in November, I told my husband that it wasn't worth going anymore since it was just me attending on a regular basis. We quit the gym for December. Hubby decided now that he wants to return so we signed back up with a whopping one month absence. The gym was changing it's name, losing the name "Gold's Gym to now.. Access Fitness..

We are looking forward to getting back to a regular gym routine. I'm really eager to get back to lifting weights and losing some more fat and gaining some more muscle..

Do you attend a gym? What classes do they have to offer? What is your #1 favorite gym equipment.? A must use? Would love to hear from you!

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