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Monday, January 6, 2014

H is for Hunting

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H is for Hunting

 Hubby and I started hunting three years ago. After years of eating right, buying organic whenever possible, we just couldn't afford the meat prices for real meat. That's when we decided it was time to go get it ourselves.

Originally, hubby was the one to go out and hunt for deer. I went along with him for moral support. That first year, he struggled and I decided I wanted to give it a go. I went to pick up my hunting license and we went out to a friend's property with an abandoned home on it and waited.

I got my first white tail doe that year. The first of the family. I was so excited!!

Hubby went two other times with friends and got a doe and a buck, both White Tails.

I was hooked.. I knew I wanted to hunt each year after that.

Last year we weren't as successful as the year before. We ended up bringing home one, a mule doe.

 photo 994978_10201871213214003_1958547585_n_zps60634573.jpg


 photo 1146705_10201787301396260_86270061_n_zps1ffcfe70.jpg
This year, hubby and I got our first ever Mule Deer Bucks.. My first ever buck!! I was so happy! The antlers will be displayed at our home soon next to my hubby's white tail rack from two years ago.
Hunting for us, is more than going out and bringing home the meat. The experience of 'hunting', going out, searching, hiking, crawling, scooting, discovering.. That is the experience.. The best part.. Getting to do all of that with my husband.
These are the bonding moments my husband and I share together and I love them.. I look forward to the togetherness this activity provides for us. Out in the middle of nowhere, exploring together. Life is good....
Do you have a sport you love to share with your spouse? I'd love to hear about it.. Leave a comment.. thanks

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