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Friday, January 24, 2014

Homeschool Essentials: Extra Curricular

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials

I'm excited about joining in on the 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials Blog Hop sponsored by the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Day Five:

Today, my topic contains info regarding "Extra Curricular"

On the last day of the blog hop, I'd love to share a list of some things we've done outside of the basic core subjects in our 10 years of homeschooling.

Extra curricular activites...

1. Homeschool Swimming Lessons
This was set up at our local indoor swimming pool with other homeschooled families. Both my  children learned to swim through this inexpensive swim class
2. Co-op
We've joined two co-ops over the years. They allowed my children to learn things outside the core subjects including- drama, PE, art etc
3. Cub Scouts
We were heavily involved in scouts for several years.  
4. 4-H
My children were involved in 4H for two years learning, photography, horses, aviation, electrical, and theatre
5. Royal Rangers and Youth Group
My boys are involved in weekly youth group which is Royal Rangers for my youngest and a teen group for my oldest son
6. Martial Arts
My boys were involved in two years of martial arts at our local gym. A free class with paid membership. My oldest received up to his purple belt and my youngest to a green.
7. Field Trips
To touch base on scheduled field trips, they've been to:
Fire department in both WA and MT
Airport watch tower- Great falls, MT
Hiked a buffalo jump
discovered the inside of a cave in Kentucky
Newspaper office in Great Falls, MT and Couer d'Alene, ID
Museum of History (MT) and (ID)
Science Museum (Hands on) in Helena, MT
CM Russell Art Museum-Great Falls, MT
8. Family Field Trips
Every opportunity we can get when we travel we try to make it educationally fun..
Ghost Towns in MT and MI
1880's Town in South Dakota
Corn Palace in SD
Lighthouses in WA and MI
Battlefields in MT
Pompey's Pillar
Lewis & Clark Caverns -MT
Mt Rushmore
Mt Rushmore Caves
Crazy Horse Monument
Forts in MI and MT
Havre Under the Streets -MT
Grand Canyon
Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium- Arizona
Hoover Dam
Reid Park Zoo in Tucson Arizona
St. Xavier Mission in Arizona
Sonora Desert Museum- Tucson Arizona
Kitt Peak Observatory-Arizona
Customs and Border Patrol- MT (Hubby works here so the boys get to really learn about the helicopters and airplanes)
I'm sure there is much more, but this is all I can remember as of today..
9. Art Classes at Paris Gibson Art Museum- Great Falls, MT
The kids took some free classes to make historical art
10. Bowling League for homeschoolers
I put my two boys in a 6 week bowling league that gave them weekly tips while playing 2 games a week.
11. Children's Museum- Great Falls, MT
My boys went to the local children's museum for a weekly craft time with other homeschoolers and then was allowed to do hands on play at the museum afterwards
12. PE Classes
Took two kinds of PE classes over the years. One was when my son was young that taught him flexiblity, plus the basics of basketball, soccer, and track. The second one was beginning basketball
13. Baseball
My oldest son played 4 years of little league baseball
14. Soccer
My youngest son played a year of soccer
Do you have any special places that you've toured or have done extra curricular activites that your kids loved while homeschooling? I'd love to hear them... Leave a comment below..

 I've enjoyed joining in with other homeschool mom's this week sharing my Homeschooling Essentials with you all.

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  1. My boys do archery twice a month right now, and my daughter is about to start flag football for the first time. She's only played soccer before. My boys are also really into music, especially my oldest. While we limit extra curricular stuff, I agree, it is still essential!

  2. This is a good list of homeschooling extra curricular activities. Thanks!

  3. Our co-op offers many extra-curriculars and field trips that we wouldn't otherwise get to participate in. It's a huge blessing.


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