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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

J is for Janette Oke-Love Comes Softly

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Blogging through the Alphabet

Working my way through the alphabet to catch up to Ben and Me's current letter which as of this posting is N. Click on the picture above or go to Ben and Me website HERE to get more info on how you can join in...

J is for Janette Oke

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Over the Christmas break I decided to have a Janette Oke "Love Comes Softly" movie marathon. Based on her book series under the same name, this movie series was made.

There is 11 movies in all and a must see by all Christian families.

Order to be watched:

'Love's Everlasting Courage'
'Love Begins'
'Love Comes Softly'
'Love's Enduring Promise'
'Love's Long Journey'
'Love's Abiding Joy'
'Love's Unending Legacy'
'Love's Unfolding Dream'
'Love Takes Wings'
'Love Finds a Home'
'Love's Christmas Journey' -This one is a double feature with two parts

Historical fiction based in the late 1800's, you follow the life of the Davis'. A true family treasure. I've seen these at the local library so check it out..

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