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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

L is for Letters

blogging through the alphabet sm.
Blogging through the Alphabet

Working my way through the alphabet to catch up to Ben and Me's current letter which as of this posting is N. Click on the picture above or go to Ben and Me website HERE to get more info on how you can join in...

L is for Letters

With the invention of the internet, i-phone, e-readers and social media, the good old fashioned letter has taken a back seat and in most cases, the delete button.

I guess I'm old fashioned because I absolutely love the handwritten letter. Our children in today's society won't have the excitement of running to the mailbox to pull out a letter written by a family member or friend. We are in the age of instant messaging and don't have 'time' to wait for the slow letter to arrive.

It's so sad that the next generation relies on text messages and emails for their form of communication. The instant gratification society where having to take the time to sit and write the letter and then wait for a reply via post office is almost unheard of today! In most cases, nobody even talks on their phone's anymore. Too busy texting words that aren't really words in the english language.

I tried writing letters to family, but to see no replies. Wrote to friends with no replies. The letter is on it's way out and it's tragic. I'd love to continue to write to others but it's hard when you see nothing in return. I don't own a cell phone full of apps and instant messaging so I still see the value in letters for communication.

I think it's important that we don't lose ourselves in technology, that we slow down once in a while to pick up a pen and paper and write to a loved one or to someone special in your life.. You may just make someone's day when they open up their mailbox to see it inside... Even in the land of instant everything, nothing will ever take the place of getting a letter from someone you love....

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