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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

N is for Nutrition

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N is for Nutrition
I've been watching what I eat since 2005. My husband had major surgery to remove a benign tumor that was growing on his spine and nerves. Watching him recover made me want to work on getting our family into the best shape we could. We are not promised tomorrow. The tumor wasn't caused by poor nutrition, it was just a wake up call for me to really work on how we live and take care of ourselves.
I cut out soda and anything fast food right after my husband left the hospital. Almost 9 yrs later, I still have not touched soda or fast food. What a huge milestone..
In the past 9 years we've slowly moved our way of eating to organic as much as possible. I've worked really hard on learning to cook healthy and delicious meals for my family. I learned how to make my own bread, butter, sauces, you name it. We also now hunt for our own meat (venison). Since 2010
We have eliminated processed food and we now eat wholesome food and if we can find it organic we would rather buy it. Trying really hard to eliminate anything that is GMO. Researching the companies that don't sell GMO products.
I love to cook now more than any other time. I love providing for my family and giving them real food to give nutrients to their bodies.
I'm very interested in adding more healthy recipes to my blog as I make them to share some that are family favorites. I'm currently re-organizing my recipe binder so when this is all complete I can start getting creative in the kitchen again. I'll share more soon...

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