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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

O is for Organization

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O is for Organization
I've been on a mission since 2011 to simplify and organize my life. I started in one room and worked my way through my entire house organizing and cleaning out my clutter. Now everything in my home has a place and a purpose. If it doesn't then it either goes to the thrift store, I sell it or toss it. It's a wonderful feeling having your home organized.
I didn't really want to go into detail on what we did or what my home looks like on this post. I wanted to just add two wonderful resources that will help you get organized in 2014. From your home to having your children help you in keeping your home cleaned..
Here are the two books to check out.. One is a weekly checklist to get your house in tip top shape this year. The other is another 12 month organizer, per say, to help get your kids to pitch in and clean the house.. a must have when you have kiddos that don't seem to want to get up and help.. ( I have three of those) wink wink....
Organize Now! a week-by-week guide

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  1. Thanks for the tips on the books. Will check them out. I wrote about being organized too and I think the books would help me out.


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