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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

P is for Photography

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P is for Photography
I've been photographing for over two decades. My passion for photography starting in my freshman year of high school when I stepped foot into my first photography class. I fell in love. I spent 4 years learning all I could before I graduated. I even was a teacher's assistant for that class, just to have another class each day..
After I graduated from high school, I found a job at Sears Portrait Studio. I worked there until I got pregnant with my daughter. When my daughter turned one, I went back to work at Walmart Portrait Studio for a year. I was traveling out of town for this job. By this time, I was a single mom and needed to be closer to my daughter's daycare.
 I got a job at Glamour Shots as their photographer and absolutely LOVED working there.. I had some wonderful memories photographing people and this was the job I was working at when I met my husband.
While working at Glamour Shots I heard of a wonderful opportunity of a full time job working for Olan Mills. (when they had their own studios, which were large beautiful rooms to photograph in). I couldn't pass up this opportunity so I took it. I worked here the longest. Started in North Carolina and they were able to transfer me to Washington State studio when we moved in 1997. I was promoted to manager as well as photographer and continued to work there for another year.
When I got pregnant with my son, I needed a job that didn't do a lot of lifting, so I decided to quit and worked for Expressly Portraits in their backroom, developing their photos. It was nice to see the other side of photography and not always behind the camera.
This was the last photography job I had. After this, I chose to be a stay at home mom when my oldest son was born in 1999.
Even though I don't have a career currently in photography, I still LOVE to take photographs. I now have my own blog set aside to display my favorite pictures I take. For many years now, I've photographed my own family without using a studio and now I love taking pictures of scenery, historical buildings, cars and ghost towns.. I currently just enjoy photographing family and friends and anything nature...
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