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Monday, January 27, 2014

Q is for Quilting

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Q is for Quilting
I've never quilted in my life. I actually can't sew real well either. But that's NOT going to stop me from learning how to quilt a blanket this year. I guess it's all the "Quilts of Love" book series I've been reading over the past year that has really driven my imagination, thinking I can make a quilt.
I know it probably won't be perfect and I'm worried about what it will entail, but I'm up for the challenge.
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Quilting
I've purchased every single one of these wonderful videos above. Some I already knew how to do, such as the crafting dvd, but this one above will be my starting point in learning how to quilt and to make my dream of making one this year a reality. I can't wait to get started!
I also have a ton of pinterest pins on how to get started all ready for me to research before setting off to the fabric store to begin my journey. I'm getting excited!


  1. Have you looked for a local quilt shop? Many offer all kinds of classes. So much fun!!! That's how I got started a year ago.


  2. quilt a basket? Now THAT I have to see. Will you be posting pictures later??

    1. not sure what you mean about quilting a basket? My post here is about making my first quilt blanket.. When my blanket is done this year I will surely post pics.. Thanks for stopping by..

  3. I love these videos too, have several and need to get the rest :) I need to get back to quilting, in fact I have a quilt I started when pregnant with my son (who will be 8 this year) and I haven't finished it :( need to though and now with my new machine maybe I will. I'm visiting from Marcy's link up :D

  4. I love quilting! My girls ( ages 9 and 11) are making lap quilts for our local nursing home.

  5. I love quilting. I think it is really easy sewing. It is basically straight lines. There are harder quilts but I love the easy straight lines.


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