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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Homeschool Teaching Struggles

Subject Struggle 
As a part of The Schoolhouse Review Crew, we have the opportunity to participate in there bi-weekly carnivals. The subject for this carnival is "The Subject I Struggle Teaching Most"
For me... It's MATH! 

Back when my children were younger, teaching all the subjects was easy. As they got older some subjects became more difficult to teach, mainly math. I'm a whiz at consumer math. Balancing checkbooks, memorizing food prices, adding/subtracting/multiplying in my head. Simple... BUT, when you start adding in letters, multiplying fractions, I'm lost. 

When my kids started learning these, I was so fortunate to have my husband teach them. He works nights during the week so each morning he would teach the lesson to them before he left for work. This year was a little different. He's been doing a lot of traveling with his job taking him out of state for weeks so I knew when school started back in August, I needed to find a curriculum that would teach my kids for me since I'm lost when it comes to math.
In years past I purchased the curriculum for this subject based on how my husband taught.. Textbook style. He used Rod and Staff for a couple years but he really liked Saxon and the style of the curriculum and lessons. Well, when I knew he was not able to teach this year I panicked.. What should I get? I looked up Teaching Textbooks but I just couldn't bring myself to spend the amount they were asking for just one subject. I know I've heard rave reviews on this company but I'm on a budget and have several subjects to teach so had to think of Plan B.
I found out I could continue to use Saxon Math which my youngest son loves by just adding the DIVE CD to the curriculum.

 photo DSCF0528_zpsbd68daa2.jpg
 This awesome CD Rom teaches each lesson in the Saxon curriculum. Using a computer 'board', you hear the teacher in the background as he shows you how to do the lesson on the blue screen. LOVE IT!

As long as my husband is unable to teach this subject I plan to continue with DIVE CD's with the Saxon book.. It's been a lifesaver for me as I continue to struggle with teaching upper math. Someday, maybe.. I'll learn Algebra and the math terminology that is being taught in these grades.. Someday...........
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