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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

R is for Remodel

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R is for Remodel 

and that's what we've been doing since January 2013. Started in our dining room which used to be the family room. This room was painted in three different colors. The red wall as you can see in the picture below along with two shades of beige. 

Dining Room:

 photo 013-001.jpg

 As you can see below all the walls are now the same color and wainscoting is being added. This room still has the carpet which is now removed with hardwood floors with the kitchen directly behind it also with new hardwood floors. Chair molding, crown molding, baseboard molding, three doors have new molding and all new window trim inside/out plus windowsills replaced. The ceiling fan is gone and now has a beautiful light shining above our resurfaced/stained kitchen table (thanks to hubby's hard work)

 photo 001.jpg


 photo 005-1.jpg 

As you can see above, everything is all installed. Love this room..


  photo 0331.jpg


As you can see, the walls were all wallpapered and painted. New crown molding, baseboard molding and the window trim on the inside/ out installed along with new windowsill. Add wainscoting on bottom half of wall with chair molding. Installed all new lighting fixtures, put in hardwood floors and painted/stained the cabinets while adding new hardware.

We will be adding new counter tops, kitchen sink and faucet in the future and eventually new appliances. Dishwasher, refrigerator and stove and this summer we'll be adding a new skylight.

 photo 017_zps8d271b6f.jpg

 photo 015_zps0a6a5c80.jpg

Homeschool Room:


I couldn't find some before photos to add to this but I repainted this room. Before the wall with the window was green, and the two other walls were two different colors of brown. Now they are all the same color, have crown molding, new baseboard molding, new window trim inside/out and new windowsill, plus a new light fixture and wall accessories

 photo DSCF0567_zps239fb66d.jpg

We are still in the remodeling process. This is all that was accomplished in 2013. For 2014, I've moved on to the laundry room. I'm repairing corners with joint compound and wallpapering all the walls. I'll be painting it the same color as the dining room as this room is adjacent to it. Hubby will be adding crown molding and new door trim and baseboard molding once the floors are installed (this will be done after all three bathrooms go through the same process as this room regarding the walls) I will also be staining the cabinets that are above the washer/dryer and putting in a new door for our water heater, plus staining the cabinets in the bathrooms as well. 

I hope to have all three bathrooms, and laundry room done for 2014 and then we'll be saving up for appliances for the kitchen, counter tops, sink and faucet. I'll be adding photos of our 2014 remodel as I work on them..

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