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Thursday, February 27, 2014

T is for Time

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T is for Time

Time.. We all have it. Each day we are given the exact same amount. Nobody gets more or less than the other. Some think it's not enough and some seem to have plenty. For me, I've recently been aware of the word Time. 

What am I doing with my time? 
Is it valuable? 
Is it pleasing to God? 
Is it productive? 
Beneficial to myself or others around me? 
Is it wasted?

Time! Precious time. God given and breathed. 

I want to focus my time more on:

My Children:
One on one with them. Actually listening to their lives, thoughts, dreams, fears. Things that I've taken for granted and need to see that my TIME with them is limited. They are all almost grown or are grown..

My Faith:
I've let God slip from my life. Like the song from Casting Crowns titled "Slow Fade". That is my faith. It hasn't been an overnight WOW factor but a slow drip of one thing after the other. Things I've allowed to replace my time with the Lord, actions that have distanced me from Him and his Word. No more. I'm taking the TIME to rebuild my Faith, find a church family and build roots again and dig into the Word so it's in my heart 24/7/365.

My Husband:
Submitting to my husband. Showing him that my love for him is everlasting and that I have faith in his decisions and his desire to lead our family as the head of our household and the spiritual leader of our home. To love, respect and support..

To devote more one on one time with real friendships. Speaking on the phone if spending face to face time is impossible. Building true relationships.

Time... what will you do with your 24 hours that God has blessed you with today? How will your presence impact those around you?

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