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Thursday, February 27, 2014

U is for Unplugged- One Month Challenge Begins...

U is for Unplugged....

I received a documentary video to review as a part of the TOS Crew. The review of this documentary will be posted in the end of March,so stay tuned.. I wanted to write a post on the impact it had on me as I watched it in full yesterday. I know I'm being vague as far as the contents of the documentary but I don't want to spoil my review so this is all I'll say in regards to it at this time. The idea I'm about to share came from an idea that was shared in the documentary.

I've decided to take a one month unplugged challenge. What does that mean? It means taking away the T.V., video games, social media, & texting (which my daughter does). My daughter is also heavily into Manga and has consumed a large portion of her extra time outside work/school so she has decided to put all of that aside for the month of March to pursue other interests. I'm so proud of her and my family for coming on board with this. This was a tough decision to make and my teenagers were really reluctant at first which shows me I'm making the right decision with this. I know that my family has addictions. Such as Manga, video games and for myself social media. I want to break that pattern and take these items in the end of all of this and use them as tools and not a lifeline.

For one month starting March 1-31 we will remove these items from our life, unplug them and use that time for more positive things..

For example some things we may do include.....

Reading a good book
Cooking together
Spending time together
Board games
Outdoor time together
Going bowling
Going Iceskating
Taking up a new hobby or working on an existing one

For me my goals this month is:

  • Teach my kids to cook-spend time w/ each of them in the kitchen
  • Start my first quilt
  • Finish 2 crocheted blankets for gifts (1/2 way done with one)
  • Play with my children
  • Take each one on an individual date
  • Find a church for our family (we've been in between churches for months)
  • Start reading the Bible in 90 Days alongside a weekly bible group run by my local friend (I've done this before over a year ago and really need to do it again)
  • Make more greeting cards
  • Call friends on the phone and speak to them one on one- no emails or Facebook messaging
  • Talk with my children daily and listen to what they have to say
  • Spend time eating together each day
  • Praying each day for my children, husband and with my children, husband
  • Family Devotion time
  • Read out loud to my kids. One gripping book of their choice!

I want to use this time that I would of spent on social media and browsing the internet to connect with real relationships. I've neglected my children lately to sit in front of the computer and this is my month to change my focus. I plan on journaling this on paper as I go through each day to see the changes not just in me, but my children and husband. I want to take back my family, and be a true part of their lives. My husband will be heading to Arizona on the 5th-19th for work but he is on board with this as well and will be unplugging while out of state.

I will still blog at least once a week during this time and have some reviews to post throughout the month, but this will be the only use of the internet for the month of March. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me and my family.

blogging through the alphabet sm.

Click on the picture above or go to Ben and Me website HERE to get more info on how you can join in...

Has your family ever taken the step to unplug? Would you be interested in unplugging as well for 30 days? I'd love to hear from you!

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