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Monday, March 31, 2014

Media Talk 101- Captivated Movie Review

Captivated Movie Review

I've had the opportunity to receive a copy of 
to watch and review from The Homeschool Review Crew.

Captivated Movie Review

Everywhere we turn, we are surrounded by technology. From TV's at stores, cell phones in our pockets and video game samples down aisles. Whether you embark on these or not, they are around us everywhere we go. In today's society, we live, and breath electronic gadgets. Is this making our lives simpler, and easier? Are we growing closer to people, relationships, and God or is media taking captive of our lives while the real world is slipping by?

This wonderful documentary "Captivated" helps put technology into perspective. From social media, video game consumption, to TV use, you will embark on an eye opening experience that will change your view of how our society uses technology in our day to day lives, and may even awaken you to a new understanding on how media plays a role in your lives.

Over an hour and half of precious insight on the pros and cons of media consumption in our lives. Starting back in 1844, technology has made a huge impact on society and relationships when the telegraph was invented. Quoting from the movie one of the speakers said, "In the past 100 years technological devices have given us an all you can eat media buffet, conditioned to pile more and more onto our plates." We have so much technological stimulation that it's extremely difficult to get away from it.

This video starts out by helping us understand how television can play a huge role in the brain development of our children and the negative impacts of television use in children under the age of 3. I was shocked in knowing that children consume on average, 53 hours of television per week. That's an astounding number. Especially when you take in account for time to sleep and school, that is a astonishing number indeed. We then wonder how television is shaping and molding our children into adults. Is it positive or negative?

One topic of discussion is about MULTITASKING. From physically trying to accomplish two tasks to mentally multitasking.

They move onto discussing the physical issues that media can play on our bodies and mind. Things associated with A.D.H.D., to eye strain to car accidents can be attributed to over use of media. Studies have shown that media is a bigger addiction than drugs. WOW! With today's cell phones that do absolutely everything for you, there isn't a wonder why American's can be addicted to it. It's available to us 24 hours a day, every day of the year. When you add social media to the mix, it gets worse. We are being trained to live on a media diet of technology and a lot of us can say, I can't live without_______.. You can easily fill in the blank of some sort of technology. I know people that couldn't live their day without their cell phones and would return home to get them if left behind even if they knew they'd be late for work. Even have them sitting next to them at all times awaiting for it to spark at new message at any given moment.

I know with my experiences with talking with friends and family, it's been difficult to have a one on one conversation with someone without being interrupted by media. With the invention of the Smartphone, people would rather have their faces downward in their tiny phone screens than up looking at the world around them and engaging in a real live conversation with someone.

I love the quote "Social networking sights should be a life enhancer for life relationships, but not a replacement."

 The best quote that I heard was "We need to take step by step measures to return technology back to its rightful place as a tool."

It continues to share the exposure to video games and how it plays a huge negative impact on our children and our society as a whole. Cartoons, video games, television shows are all aimed to desensitize us. From violence, to sexual content it's on our screens every time we flip on the channel or surf the internet, check our Facebook pages and so much more.

Captivated shares with us the challenges of today's media but also helps us understand how we can utilize it to the glory of God and to place it where it belongs. As a tool and not an appendage.

"If I could control the medium of the American motion picture, I would need nothing else to convert the entire world.... to communism." Joseph Stalin

A very powerful quote and something to really ponder when we look at our personal use of media and how it's truly shaping our worldview. Are we conforming to the ways of the world or are we truly following the Word of God?

The final sections of the documentary, draws us towards our Faith in God, the importance in placing Him first and to learn discernment. Are we captivated by all the technology around us? Does it consume us or are we using it as a tool?

You don't want to miss out on watching and educating you and your family about the positive and negative impacts media can play on your lives. "We need to take a personal inventory on how our lives, relationships, and our walk with God are impacted by the digital world." As a parent, I'm called by God to raise my children up according to His purpose and design. I need to seek His wisdom and discernment on what is right for us according to His Word. This video has really helped me awaken myself and to re-evaluate what we've allowed into our home, eyes and heart.

I know that media of all sorts played a heavy role in my families lives. I didn't realize though, how much the impact was until we decided to go on a media fast. A one month unplugged challenge for the month of March as suggested in the documentary. We started on March 1st and as of this posting will be our final day of our one month fast.

Let me tell you, we were addicted. We all had our own addictions though and they were not all created equal. Mine was social media and surfing the net. These two things consumed all my free time and left my relationships lacking. I didn't realize how much time I was using up by sitting in front of my computer screen until I started a journal and this fast. It took all my strength each and everyday to say NO.. I will NOT go onto the computer to do such and such.

For my two boys it was video games and movie watching. My daughter did a lot of reading online and texting. These all left us for an entire month. The TV got turned off and unplugged. The video games got locked up, and the movies got put away. Social media was off limits and no searching the internet, reading articles or thumbing through Pinterest.

There was a lot of resistance at the beginning, but as we implemented new ways to use our time that would of been taken up by media, we were able to bond, and grow our relationships that were lacking due to our separate worlds of technology.

A list of a few things that we did instead of media:

  • Playing  card/board games
  • Talking intimately 
  • Going to church together 
  • Talking about the Bible- with deep discussions 
  • Getting to know likes/dislikes 
  • Going on bike rides 
  • Taking each child out for a date with Mom individually
  • Taking kids to the park
  • Learning new things and practicing things we enjoy- guitar, card making, crocheting a blanket, building things
  • Having Fun Together without the need for 'entertainment'

It's so wonderful to see my family together as you can see below during our month of being unplugged. This has been the best month in a very long time. I don't miss the endless amounts of time wasted on the internet because you can't get any of it back and my kids are growing right before my eyes and before long they will all be grown and have their own families and it's my job as their parent to teach them what's important. 

What's important? Real relationships

 photo DSCF0727_zps95050f96.jpg

 photo 001_zps5a41bb8a.jpg

Being unplugged for an entire month has taught me how to utilize my time for more real one on one relationships, how to spend my free time and how to use the internet for a tool and not a crutch to fill empty space in my day. I now feel I can use the technology in our homes in moderation and to eliminate those influences we've added to our home that I now see with new eyes as unclean and not suitable for a family following the teaching of our Lord God.

I highly recommend EVERYONE to buy a copy of this wonderful documentary. Wherever you are in your journey with media, this will help you see the importance of a healthy balance..

This movie is intended for adults, but has been approved for all ages. All of my children sat and watched the entire video together, pausing along the way for discussion.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of this documentary you can on their website
Media Talk 101

As well as the 107 minute documentary on DVD, the special features includes over 2 hours of extended interviews, a word from the producer, the movie trailer, and Gospel for Asia promo. 

The 2 hours of extended interviews is a must see. It brings tremendous, valuable insight to all that was discussed in the documentary. Don't miss out.
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