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Friday, March 28, 2014

V is for Valentine's Day

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V is for Valentine's Day

I know it's the end of March but I've saved all my Valentine's Day ideas to share on this post.

I decided to do some fun activities this year for Valentine's Day. After being married for 16 years and celebrating over 17 Valentine's together, you need to be creative and romantic for the both of us. I really enjoyed planning and preparing for this event. I had the kids go out to dinner and enjoy a couple hours at the local trampoline play place before coming home. This allowed for me to utilize the entire house without the kids getting in the way. Here below is what I did to celebrate the holiday.

I started out by arranging a little welcome home just as he walked in the door. It included HUGS, KISSES candies and some rose petals..

 photo DSCF0701_zps86e71ea7.jpg

A bag of HUGS candies...

 photo DSCF0704_zps60818f23.jpg

Rose petals and kisses candy path

 photo DSCF0702_zps5f0af81e.jpg

The card says "Now that I have HUGGED you before you walked in the door, KISSED the ground you walk on, and showered you with ROSES, Will you be mine FOREVER?"

 photo DSCF0707_zps72708d27.jpg

Once he walked through the rose petals, and kisses he was met by the door which had the poem and a bag of HUGS candy hanging on it. Just inside the door, he found his Valentine Card below..

 photo DSCF0705_zpse468ec0f.jpg

After he entered the house and walked through the rose petals to find his candy card, I had him play a little game that I found online at the Dating Divas where you can download and print off the cards yourself to play for a date, anniversary or next Valentine's Day.

I had the first clue at the door where I had the candy card and then it took him all over the house until the last card was read. From the door, he wound up at the sink for card two and the task he needed to perform before moving onto the next card..

 photo DSCF0699_zps86143627.jpg

This card says "Pour & enjoy some 'bubbly' and take turns making a toast before reading the next clue"

The clue card then sent him to the stove...

 photo DSCF0697_zps81ddfbe0.jpg

The card says "Share your most favorite memory of the two of you before reading the next clue"

The clue card then sent him to the living room by the TV where a CD was awaiting him...

 photo DSCF0696_zps2baa67a8.jpg

Card says "Sweep your lady into your arms and dance to an entire romantic song before reading the next clue"

I chose our wedding song.. Alan Jackson's.. I'll Try..

After our romantic slow dance he ended up in the microwave for a little sweet treat...

 photo DSCF0698_zpsa5d2eea5.jpg

This card says "MMMMM... nothing is yummier than chocolate covered strawberries! Take turns feeding each other before reading the next clue"

 photo DSCF0694_zps790fe209.jpg

The next task card read "Share your most favorite character trait about each other before reading the next clue"

After this task he ended up at the front door.

 photo DSCF0695_zpsfb0bd4e8.jpg

The task card here read "After all this time you are one step away. The "love hunt" is almost over. It's Your Lucky Day! Go to the place where a washer and dryer will be.. And there your final treasure you will see!"

 photo DSCF0700_zpsc7ff8057.jpg

Here was his final destination for THIS game.. The card read "Kiss your woman like she's never been kissed before...

I then blindfolded him and walked him across the house to our master bath. ( I didn't want him to see the decorative dinner table and the bedroom decorated) He had a hot bubble bath awaiting him to soak while I finished preparing dinner.

 photo DSCF0715_zps5553948b.jpg

I gave him a little basket of things to read while soaking...

 photo DSCF0717_zps05386210.jpg

Some yummy strawberries and some bubbly apple cider for refreshments...

 photo DSCF0691_zps536ce06a.jpg

I decorated the table with black and burgundy. Burgundy was our wedding colors.

 photo DSCF0693_zps585d1291.jpg

I made a cute little menu which said:

Bubbly Goodness

Melt in Your Mouth Pasta (Aka.. Lasagna)

Pear and Blue Cheese Salad (Yum(

Heart attack on a Plate (aka.. yummy cake)

 photo DSCF0719_zpsb3304360.jpg

The yummy Heart Attack on a Plate Cake.. mmmmm

 photo DSCF0710_zps3ee3e918.jpg

The night wasn't over. Since the kids were heading home, I made sure we continued our date in our room so we wouldn't have to cut it short for the evening.

I set aside some fun games to play. I found a cute card game at Big Lots in their Valentine's section. The cards are called Conversation Starters. You read a question and then we answer it to get a conversation started that has to do with our relationship and intimate questions to help strengthen your marriage.

I got the Deal or No Deal Game idea  at The Dating Divas. 

We then played a fun game of Scrabble but the words had to do with love and marriage so it made it fun and interesting...

 photo DSCF0709_zpsf6155739.jpg

This was definitely not a day to worry about calorie consumption. With the candies when he first walked in, to the chocolate covered strawberries, the cake at dessert and now after hours of playing games we had heart shaped sponge cake with cut up strawberries drizzled in white chocolate. What a great way to end a wonderful night celebrating with my awesome husband. 

He was well worth all the time/prep it took to pull this day off. He's still talking about it even over a month later. So I'm happy because he's happy..

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