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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Wise Woman-Literary Analysis Review

Home School Adventure Co.
  I've had the opportunity to receive a downloadable copy of 
 'The Wise Woman'-Literary Analysis Journal Questions 
from Home School Adventure Co. to review as a part of the Homeschool Review Crew.
The Wise Woman Literary Analysis  Journal

What is The Wise Woman?

The design on the story is to teach critical thinking. Titled The Wise Woman, based on the main character. The Wise Woman is called to a palace where the residence enjoy little contentment, always seeking more fulfillment in their own lives. The princess, an overindulged and pampered child to the extent that her behavior is unbearable finds herself being swept away from her home with the Wise Woman. A woman she insists is trying to eat her because she doesn't know anything that resembles kindness or compassion. The Wise Woman confronts the issues the princess is dealing with by taking her away from the palace and puts her in situations to teach discipline, grace and truth.

 In her cottage in the far away woods, the princess encounters wolves along their journey as her stubborn pride separates her from the Wise Woman. They end at the cottage while the Wise Woman gives the princess opportunities to change her behavior using kind words and discipline. Learning kindness seems to be in each chapter that we've read thus far. Examples throughout the writing on how the Wise Woman treats the princess even though she doesn't deserve such kindness.

The Wise Woman leaves the princess for days in her cottage while giving her descriptive details on what she should accomplish in the woman's absence. The princess' attitude is questioned as she experiences different situations outside of the cottage that frightens her. What happens when the Wise Woman returns and the list is not completed?  You can learn more by reading this wonderful book.

 When we received this e-book, I decided it best to read out loud to my entire family. This was one of the suggestions on how to use the material and found it a great fit for our family. All three of my children sat on the sofa (ages 12, 15 and 19) and I read each chapter to them once a week for six weeks. After each chapter, we discussed in detail the questions each chapter had. We were able to get through the first six chapters. The book includes a total of 14 chapters. We plan on continuing our weekly reading time and discussing the questions after each chapter until we complete the story. Chapter questions ranging from around 20 +.

Some question examples include:

"Instead of receiving loving discipline and guidance, Rosamond (the princess) is left unrestricted and thoroughly indulged. What is the result? Chapter 1

"Why do you suppose the princess does not understand kindness" Chapter 2

"What observation does MacDonald (The author) make about human nature when the princess first evaluates and responds to the interior of the cottage?" Chapter 3

A great story to help teach our children character traits, discipline, kindness and compassion. This story captivated all of my children, One adult girl and two teenage boys. I also really enjoyed reading the story and can't wait to find out how it ends..

The Wise Woman is for ages 9 +. Designed to be read aloud to ages 9-11 with 12+ can easily read independently.

You can purchase this title along with others at Home School Adventure Co. The cost of The Wise Woman is $28.95 for a spiral bound print edition and $14.95 for a down loadable edition.

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