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Friday, May 16, 2014

Micro Business For Teens Review

Micro Business for Teens Review

My family has had the opportunity to receive "Starting a Micro Business", "Running a Micro Business", and "Micro Business for Teens Workbook" from Micro Business For Teens as part of the Homeschool Review Crew.

Micro Business for Teens Review
Starting a Micro Business For Teens

Cost for paperback is $9.95- e-book $4.95

What is a Micro Business?

A micro business works best with one worker, YOU, the owner. It's best to work your business from home and should cost you little to no money to get it started. As you venture into your own micro business, it should be low risk. The design is to learn as you go and not worry about losing what you've worked hard for. As you read through this book you will learn so much about your new business adventure and the best approach of reaching your individual goals. 

Once you've figured out what a micro business is and how it applies to you, it's time to set your mind on an idea of your own. This book will give you ideas of businesses that have worked for teens and some great advice on things to look for, such as possible scams that are too good to be true.

Now that the idea is in your head or written down, let's look at the possible problems or pitfalls and how to avoid them. The book discusses solutions to problems with products such as shipping. Do you want to keep your products on hand? Have them drop shipped? One chapter discusses some areas to consider and helps you understand each concept before you move forward.

As you move on in the study, you will be given the opportunity to write up your own business plan, learning what it is, as well as a financial plan, and marketing plan. This section includes tons of information will put your teen on course and gives lots of examples to help them along the way.

The goal of this program is to share with your teens the importance of starting your micro business with little risk so the next section helps them finance their business with little risk. The importance of doing this without debt.

The last section in this book shares more examples of different jobs suited for teens as well as more wonderful advice on how to make this work.

Check out some sample pages of this book at Starting a Micro Business for Teens Samples

Micro Business for Teens Review
Running a Micro Business

 Cost for paperback is $9.95- e-book $4.95

 Now that you have gained knowledge from reading the first book "Starting a Micro Business", let's now take a look at running one.

First chapter is all about sales.. How to be enthusiastic about what you are selling and tips on how to present your products to anyone. This chapter will give you information on how to make a sale, selling in person, your sales presentation, billing and payment policies just to name a few.

You will then move onto Marketing. This chapter will give you dozens of ways to reach your potential customers whether near or far and help you create a marketing plan that fits your unique business.

You can't have a business without strong Customer Service skills. The next chapter will discuss this topic in detail. From what to charge to Tips and Secrets of Customer Service, you will gain a great perspective on  customer service skills.

Moving on now to record keeping. A very important part of running a business. This chapter discusses the time frame of keeping certain records, where to keep these records as well as what to keep. You will also gain knowledge in learning how to record your expenses and work related business equipment. 

Now that you are knowledgeable with keeping your records the next section dives into bookkeeping basics. Learning about ledgers, and creating record keeping forms. In the 6th chapter they will touch base on using software for bookkeeping, such as personal money management as well as small business software.

I think Chapter 7 is an important one to look into. It's all about the name.. Deciding on a name, the importance of the name and do you really need one? All discussed in this chapter. 

Finally, the last two chapters discusses minimizing risks and time management. Two important factors in having a successful long term business.

Please check out their sample pages of this book at Running a Micro Business for Teens Samples

Micro Business for Teens Review

Micro Business for Teens Workbook

Cost for paperback is $14.95- e-book $9.95

If you are going to go through this course, you will get a lot out of it, if you include Micro Business for Teens Workbook. This workbook works alongside both books mentioned above, chapter by chapter with opportunities for you to fill in your personal information as you go along. 

They highly recommend watching their video which is free to view via the link offered in their books. 60 minutes and well worth it. We sat and watched the video, went to their website and signed up for their email e-course and retrieved even more information to help my kids succeed in their journey of starting their own business in the future. 

It's recommended to work through the books alongside the workbook within 3 months time. I found on their website a guide you can receive which provides you with a lesson planner for you to give your teen/student a guideline on what to read and when and where to fill out what information in their workbooks. This is a fantastic free resource and I highly recommend this as well. It really helps you break all this wonderful information down into manageable chunks so your teen can digest it all and then apply it to their future business.

The guide is free after you supply your email address to Micro Business For Teens.

Check out their sample pages of this workbook at Micro Business for Teens Workbook Samples

My family also subscribed to their email e-course called Five Reasons Why a Micro Business if Right for You: Teenage Edition which gives even more valuable information to help your teen succeed.  5 emails each with a different topic including:

1- Micros are Easy to Start
2- Home Based
3- Manageable
4- Learn a Lot
5- No or Little Start Up Costs Needed

This entire series is designed for teens to young adults. Ages 10-18. I know I've gleaned a tremendous amount of information going through these books so I would also say adults could gain knowledge as well.

If you are looking for more information about Micro Business for Teens you can check out other crew members reviews of this product in the banner below. Just click it and it will take you to a list of others that have had the opportunity to view this product in their homes.

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  1. Lynn,
    Thank you for the review! I really appreciate it.

    The Micro Business for Teens series continues with one more book, Money and Taxes in a Micro Business. I recommend this advanced-level book for teenagers who have been running their business for a year or for businesses selling a product who need to learn about sales tax from the beginning.

    The video you mentioned is a public television program called Starting a Micro Business. It features 6 students (all homeschooled!) and their parents discussing their micro businesses. You can watch it on YouTube.


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