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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Staying Fitness Focused

I've been a bit discouraged lately not seeing the scale move. In actuality it rose a few months ago and now won't go back down again. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm at 152 lbs. Still sitting comfortably in an 8 pants and 6 shorts with a small 4-6 top but the scale says I'm higher since I was at 144 lbs.  I've been working hard at the gym, doing squats every day, running and watching what I eat.. Still nothing.

So to help encourage me to keep going I thought I'd post a before and current photo of me to help show me that I've changed and things are better than what they used to be.

 photo IMG_0023_edited.jpg

This is me back in 2010 at my heaviest of 174 lbs.

 photo DSCF0075-1-LDBG_zps21477820.jpg

This is me now. I know I want the scale to say the magic number and maybe it never will so I just have to keep focusing on how I feel. That my muscles are more toned than they ever have in my life, that I have less jiggle where there used to be lots. AND.. the best part.. I feel great in my own skin.. 

I'm hitting the big 4..0.. in August. I had a set goal in mind before I reached that aged milestone and I now realize it's not going to happen. I figured by now I would easily be sliding into a weight of 130 lbs which has ultimately been my goal from the beginning.

I've now come to realize that it's not the weight number on the scale but what I look like in the mirror. I remember being 130 lbs. That was the size I was when I married my beloved back in 1997. I was a size 8 then. I'm technically 22 lbs heavier than that but am in a size 8 now. Why? Because muscle weighs more than fat. 

With all my running, weightlifting and gym workouts, I've built up muscle. I didn't have that years ago. So I guess working out and exercising is paying off.. Plus I'm living a more natural unprocessed diet. I just have to keep taking one day at a time and maybe someday I'll hit that magic weight number, or maybe not. I just need to remember, I like the new me right now so everything else is a bonus!

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  1. Love visiting your blog whenever I get time. Keep up the good work with your lifestyle change. You are an inspiration. :)


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