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Sunday, September 28, 2014

October Unprocessed Begins Soon...

October Unprocessed 2014

Last year I took the October Unprocessed Challenge. We've been eating mostly unprocessed for a few years now but sometimes things go awry and the nasty food slips back into your life even if it's a little bit. Last year that's what happened. So taking the challenge helped me reset my eating habits and my shopping list.

I'm taking the October Unprocessed Challenge again this year. Mainly for the same reasons as last year but also for some new ones. It's been a hectic year with remodeling a couple rooms and selling off 17 years of hobby supplies that I let some unhealthy food into our home. I've then corrected that by taking it back out. 

I want to use this month to try new wholesome recipes, along with some new foods. I've gotten myself in a dinner food rut. I've found about a dozen recipes I keep switching around and my palette is getting real bored of these meals. So I would like to use this month to introduce more unprocessed options, help kick the sugar habit that I have, and hopefully shed some more weight.

I would like to post over the next month some new recipes that I've tried and love as well as some canning recipes that I've been working on over the Summer. 

Are you interested in taking the October Unprocessed Challenge? It's never to late to get involved. It's official start date is October 1st.. Check out the website HERE and take the challenge with me..

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