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Monday, August 31, 2015

Weightloss Update 20 Pounds and Counting...

This past year I've added 15 pounds from the weight I lost back in 2012. Sneaking up one pound at a time not really noticing since my clothes size never changed until one day I put on a pair of my shorts and realized everything was much tighter than it should be. I knew I was at a turning point. Lose the weight or buy the next size up..

I refused to buy the next size up because I worked too hard to go back to the way I was so it was time to do some changes. I was ready.

Started journaling my food intake again. Bite by bite, I wrote it down and then started eliminating some of the foods that I knew I shouldn't be eating. At every meal I would eat slowly and enjoy each bite to where I ate less per sit down (meal) and my portion sizes got smaller and I was fuller quicker.

Exercising, I was pretty much doing the same since I never stopped running, walking and working out.

I started this on June 1st and as of today... August 31st, I am down 20.6 lbs. 5.6lbs more than I needed to lose to get down to my pre-weight gain weight.

 photo PicMonkey Collage1_zpsiimqcuzc.jpg

The photo above right was taken back on the 26th. Today I am under 140 pounds which I have not been for MANY years. I'm thinking since before my boys were born.. In 1997 when I married my husband I weighed 130 lbs. When I got pregnant with my son in 1998 (DS16) I weighed 135 lbs. Long time ago for sure...

When I shed my weight back in 2011-12, I started at 174lbs which you can see my size from the photo abovewhich was taken Valentine's Day 2010..

I went down to 144 lbs with a total weight loss of 30 lbs. This year I gained to 159 lbs which you can see in my before picture on the left. I'm now 139.6 lbs which I am over the moon excited about.

From the get go, my goal has always to get myself down to 130 lbs so I am going to keep going and see how long it will take to lose 8 1/2 more pounds.. 1 pound at a time....

I just turned 41 on the 7th of August so I am working hard to get physically fit and down to a healthy weight because I'm not a Spring chicken anymore and it's important to be active and to be at a healthy weight as I age..

I'm excited about sharing some fitness challenges coming up in September to get myself moving in different directions and not to solely focus on running and walking but more on weight training since I'm so close to my weight loss goal I would like to look more into toning my muscles and to make sure my arms don't keep waving after I stopped if you know what I mean.. wink wink.....

If you are looking to get more physical and to work out more using weights and your body to help tone down... stay tuned... Would love for you to join me...

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