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Friday, March 25, 2016

Instant Happy Journal-365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude & Joy

Brighten your day with this colorful journal from happiness expert Karen Salmansohn. Jam-packed with 365 “happiness prompters” including motivational quotes, scientific studies, and thought-provoking questions, this journal amps up your ability to notice (and create!) moments of joy and gratitude in your life—one day at a time.


This past year I've noticed the movement of journaling. I know this concept has been around for generations but in today's fast paced world, it seems harder and harder to take the time and journal, writing down your thoughts and visions, goals and happy moments. This wonderful book can jump start your desire to 'write it down'. The best part?, this book gives you daily prompts to help you share your life's joys, inspirations, and happy moments and after 365 days you will have a book of your life, memories to share or to save for generations.

This book is colorful, and can start on any day. The dates on each page is blank so you don't even have to follow it from page to page, You can make this journal your own.. Skip around, find the question or motivated entry that strikes you that day or you can go cover to cover until done. Make it your own.

Start today on your personal journey of journaling your life by using this book. I love it and look forward to finishing up at the end of the year...

About the Author:

KAREN SALMANSOHN is the best-selling author of more than 25 books with over 1 million copies sold. She has been a featured happiness expert on the Today show, The View, CNN, Fox News, Real Time with Bill Maher, and is an online columnist for Oprah, Psychology Today, AOL, and the Huffington Post. She and her work have been covered by the New York Times, Businessweek, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, TimeMarie Claire, Fast Company, InStyle, Self, Elle, and the New Yorker. Salmansohn has also worked as an image consultant for MTV, Nickelodeon, Oxygen Media, and L'Oreal and speaks on how to increase happiness, creativity, and productivity, most recently in the TEDx talk, "Fun Is a High Performance Fuel."

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