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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Life Right Now..

It has been a REALLY busy couple months. Hence no time to devote to blogging which I really want to do.. I thought I'd post a quick catch up and then trickle some photos within of some of the events that have been happening since my last post..

 photo _DSC0009_zpshhpjd208.jpg

Had a leak in our dishwasher. All over the floor. I didn't post about the first time this dishwasher leaked so let's do a quick recap... Back in April of 2015 this beautiful new dishwasher flooded my kitchen floor causing over $1000 in damage (including a full replace of our 1 yr old floor) and a couple parts replaced. At the time I believed the technician didn't find the true source of the leak so I decided not to use it for MONTHS. Yes, I kept it where it was and hand washed my dishes until just recently. So hubby decided it was time to give it a go.. After just 5 CYCLES here is what happened.. This time praise God it didn't do any damage to our new floor so we didn't need to replace it.. YEAH! We did find the source but to this day I haven't gained enough nerve to see if it's really fixed so I'm still hand washing dishes.. Don't trust it..

 photo dfsdf_zps2il5mjok.png

My daughter enlisted in the Air Force at Christmas time. She did a delayed entry so her departure date was February 15th for boot camp in Texas. We threw her a fun Boot Camp Party and invited all her friends.. It was a blast! ( I have some fun decorations I'll share in another post)

 photo 12715380_10207475647081347_1843784058441982487_n_zpszgqtooxq.jpg

Decided it was time to join the eye glass club.. After a couple years of straining I wanted to finally stop so here I am in my new frames.. What do you think?

 photo before after alanna hair cut_zpsquudbvup.png
Daughter didn't want to deal with her hair in basic training so she decided to cut it off so she could devote the time you would do your hair to much needed sleep! I think it's cute!!

 photo 25537df7-bbab-4517-b4f2-6f907f643d57_zpsnhdgxlwy.png
After months of preparing to enlist we took my daughter down to the MEPS station in Butte, MT and witnessed her official swear in and she was off to Texas for the next 8 1/2 weeks on February 15th.

 photo add_zpsmbrubfli.png

Just after officially giving the next 4 years of her life to the Air Force.. So proud of you!

 photo khlub_zpsalhjcez5.png

Family photo before we said our goodbye's...

 photo fort missoula collage_zpsxdxmai8s.jpg
In late February we decided to take a trip to Missoula, MT for a couple days to get rid of our cabin fever.. Spent the day at Fort Missoula, had some fun taking photos as you can see above and below, spent the night there and enjoyed a yummy dinner at Cracker Barrel.. MMMMM....

(I don't believe I posted about our new addition, you can see her above).. She's our new mini dachshund.. We got her on December 4, 2015 when she was just 8 weeks old.. She's now 5 1/2 months and the best doggie ever. Her name is Rosie and we all love her to pieces...

 photo Fort Missoula Train Collage_zpssuurglqo.jpg

 photo hikedM_zpsisl3qgcx.jpg

Before our departure home to Great Falls, we climbed up to see the "M" on the mountain overlooking the city of Missoula. 620 feet climb and a total of 1.2 miles round trip.. Definitely a workout!

 photo collage_zps66bsbwkh.jpg

Over the rest of the month hubby and I did two hikes. One was 8 miles to Ryan Dam here in town and back and the next week we did a 13 mile hike, passed Ryan Dam on the same trail and kept going to Cochran Dam on the Missouri River just outside of town.. It was invigorating.. Loved it..

Also had a wonderful date with the hubby on Valentine's Day..

This month I got a new job working for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine as "Assistant to Director of Advertising Sales".. I absolutely LOVE my job. I get to work from home so I can be with the boys while they continue to homeschool doing what I love to do... Working for a Christian company alongside some really awesome people.. I'm truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful team and company!

 photo 12801096_10207684387219720_7336923869732689135_n_zpspdsgwbcu.jpg

DD21 is now all moved out. She has placed her stuff in storage until she's done with her schooling so we now have a freed up bedroom.. We decided to turn it into a fitness room. At the moment it was light pink in color. Which wasn't bad but reminded me too much of my daughter and made me sad.. So I'm in the midst of a mini remodel.. I have officially got the walls all painted to a pretty "Dapper Tan" with ALL the trim ripped out. Window, Doors and Floor. Hubby had to purchase a new hose for our air compressor so I'm on hold to finish the room up. Hopefully tomorrow since the weather here is supposed to be 60% chance of snow! I can't wait to show you what it looks like after all the trim is installed and new wooden mini blinds placed in the windows and all our equipment where it belongs.. So stay tuned!

Well, that's my life up to this point... I want to post some food recipes I've been making.. yummy donuts, and chocolate banana muffins just to name a couple.. My life is settling down now that DD21 has been gone for almost 4 weeks now.. WOW! We are looking forward to seeing her at her graduation in TX.. So exciting!

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