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Thursday, March 17, 2016

TruVision Health Combo Pack Update

Back in June 2015.. I started using TruVision Health's Combo Pack to help aide me in my weight loss. At the time I gained back up to 159lbs from where I was sitting from my 2012 weight loss of 142lbs. I posted an original post about these products, what I used and the end results at

This is an update since at the end of this original post back in mid January 2016 when I decided to stop using the products. (Reasons are described in the My Two Cents post above..)

Since my post in mid January where I was off the TruVision Combo Pack that you see above, I gained up to 134lbs from 128lbs. Today I am now sitting at 138lbs. I gained 4 more pounds since I stopped and its sad. I now wish I didn't try these products, got me extremely excited to be down to the 120's after not seeing this weight number since before I had my daughter 21 yrs ago. I was doing well when I lost my weight back in 2011-12.

Got introduced to these products just as I was deciding to lose the weight I put on.. I wish now I would of continued on the same track I did and wrote my food down in a journal and exercised regularly. I now truly believe my body is completely out of sink and more than likely will need a deep food/health detox..

For the future non use of these products.. meaning after you are done losing weight and decide you don't want to take them anymore because you've reached your weight loss goal, you will more than likely gain your weight back, if not all you will gain some back. I exercise 5-6 days a week, eat organic wholesome food and watch my calories and 10 pounds came back on. I wouldn't even know what will happen to those that have taken this product, stop and don't exercise and watch food intake..??


I highly recommend those considering taking these products to decide against it. Follow a journal approach by writing down what you eat and exercising at least 3 days a week for no less than 30 minutes. That approach overall will be the best way to lose and keep off your weight long term and the best for your health because these products are not all natural and have chemical based ingredients including food dyes and sugars..

I will be posting more exercise programs and weight loss tips over the months. Things that have worked for me and would love to help you with your weight loss and health journey!

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