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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Olaf- Frozen Cake w/ Fondant Ruffles

My friend asked me the other day if I could help her mother out and make a cake for her to celebrate her neighbor's upcoming birthday. I told her I would love to help.. She wanted an Olaf cake from the movie Frozen. A disclaimer... I've NEVER watched the movie Frozen so this was an adventure...

The best part.. I had 24 hours to make it..
 photo olaf ldbg cake_zpsmxqmiv7z.png
I had an idea in my head and decided to go with it.. After several trips to Pinterest to get Olaf inspiration and a quick trip to the store for supplies I was off and running. I decided not only to invent Olaf without really knowing who he is, I decided to make my very first ever fondant cake.. Can you say crazy person!!!

I decided to do a lace technique after looking at a few pictures.. I dyed the fondant a light blue since I see everything in the store that color that had anything to do with this movie.. Then thankfully my hubby came to my rescue when he got off work. Still doing the ruffles on the bottom cake and it was after 7pm and the cake needed to be done by 10pm I needed help. Olaf was NOT made.. After he looked over the photo I saved, he went to work.. Just a hair passed 9:30 Olaf was done and the cake was completed.. After delivering the cake we noticed he's missing his eyebrows and the little hair wisp on the top of his head.. but like I said, haven't watched the movie so I'll say a win for us..

I was told she loved the cake so I'm happy... This was also the first cake I've ever made for someone outside of my family.. I'm happy with the results..

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