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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Save the Ta Ta's 5K Race

Last night was the Annual Save the Ta Ta's 5k Race. This is my 4th year running this race. What I love about this race, it's at night. This is a bonus for me since I don't ever run in the evenings for obvious safety reasons so I jump at the chance to change my running a bit. This year I was able to run with my friend Teresa. I made us some tu tu's and we had t-shirts made for the occasion.

Since I'm a hunter I thought it fitting to include 'racks' on the shirt.. I loved it! We had a blast running together. We came in a little bit over 36 minutes and that included a short stop at the top of the hill to photo the flag across the city..

 photo 5k race collage_zpsxyyh6gwn.png

The pathway was lit by some beautiful lanterns hanging from the trees. It was really pretty.. We ran up the big hill to the flag that overlooks the city and then back down again.. I hope my friend will join me again next year with this race..  Had a blast!

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