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Friday, July 22, 2016

Thank You Law Enforcement!

The past month has been a tragic scene in the news as we watch multiple police officers dying in the line of duty. Across the U.S we are witnessing the act of domestic terrorism to our police force.

Yesterday the homeschooling community got together to show our local law enforcement that their jobs matter, their lives matter and that we appreciate their sacrifice for our families and the community.

We gathered first at the police station and handed out thank you cards, hugs, handshakes and some gift cards for them to share with their families and co-workers.

 photo police dept collage_zps2d0zcbuy.png

After we passed out the cards, the police officers gave us a tour of the station and then we headed over to the Sheriff's office and did the same thing. These are real people, with families, children, parents.. Their lives matter as much as everyone else. While we are running away from danger, they are running into it.. To Protect Us! They deserve so much more than we could offer them.. A huge THANK YOU just isn't enough!!

Police Lives Matter... God Bless Our Law Enforcement and their families...

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