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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Punderdome: A Pun Loving Card Game Review

Punderdome... A Card Game for Pun Lovers....

Are you looking for a fun card game you can play with your friends and family? This may be the one.

Appropriately called Punderdome, the game is designed to entertain your friends by making them groan at bad jokes as they all pun the night away. Our family loves to be witty, and loves to tell jokes. When I found out there is a game where you get to make up your own puns and learn new ones, then I knew I wanted to try this game out.

To play, one player draws two prompt cards and chooses one quick pun to read on the reverse side of one of the cards which contains a pun you have to figure out. For example "What made the frozen dinner so introspective?"..... He Thawed a Lot!

Whoever guesses the answer correctly gets an additional 30 seconds to make up a pun from the two words that will be given.

The prompter now reads the two words to the group. The rest of the players then have 90 seconds to figure out one pun that combines the two prompts. (winner of the quick pun round has 120 seconds)

Green card drawn represents a Situation for example "SEWING" and then a white card is drawn which represents a Topic for example "PRESIDENTS"

You will need to come up with a pun (a play on words, a word/phrase/sentence) that combines both topics, a joke where you use on word to mean another word to induce a groan from others)

When the time is up, the players share their pun with the prompter, who awards the prompt cards to the player whose pun they like best.

The first player to be awarded 10 pairs of cards wins the game.

WHAT DO THEY WIN? Well you have to option to play for prizes. Included in the game are two Mystery Envelopes and slips of paper to add your prize descriptions. Write down what you would like to give as prizes and the winner gets to keep what's in the envelope.

I played this with my family of 5 and we chose not to have prizes. We just loved making up puns, figuring out the quick puns and laughing the night away!

Fun for family, friends and whoever is a pun lover!!

I received a free complete card game set in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given.