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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Turkey Drop Challenge-Getting Started

If you've followed my blog over the years you may know I am really into health and fitness. I was also trying supplements last year around this time and lost weight while using them too. When I decided back in January I didn't want to take them anymore, the weight starting coming back on. 15lbs to be exact. That was tough to swallow because I tried really hard to keep it off but it seemed the supplements I was on wasn't the best and the weight came on regardless of what I did.

I decided things needed to change after taking a few months off from rigorous calorie counting and fitness schedules. Fast forward to this past month. After taking a break, it gave my body the chance to unwind, and recoup. Because I gave it a rest it seems rearing to go to get back to where I was last October..

I started eating more healthy portion sizes and being more diligent with changing up my workout routine. For the longest time I wasn't eating breakfast. Never was hungry when I woke up, and usually just ended up being a cup of coffee. Now I'm eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks.. LOTS AND LOTS of water!

I decided to join a local "Turkey Drop Challenge" It's named that because it started this past Monday the 24th and will run up until the 24th, Thanksgiving week. My goal when signing up was to shed 5lbs. I started my weight loss before hearing about this so when the 1st day came I had already went down from my beginning weight of 145lbs to 141.4lbs. This was my weight back on the 24th.. Day One of the challenge..

 photo Turkey Drop Challenge Day 1 Collage_zpsyguuxzpc.png

I am a little sad showing you these photos.. I know I'm not fat but I gained my weight back when I was down to 128lbs.. I am not tall so need to keep my weight under 135lbs to be considered healthy.. My goal is 130lbs is where I ultimately want to maintain my weight for good...

I hope to check in weekly with updates because when I'm accountable, I do better!! Anyone else looking to lose weight to feel better? I'd love to hear from you!

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