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Friday, May 26, 2017

Miles and Miles & a Half Marathon...

It has been a very productive couple months. I hit 600 miles on my 2,017 miles in 2017 challenge back on April 11th. Just 17 days later I crossed over the 700 miles number.

600 miles LDBG

700 miles collage

These 200 miles have been full of some fun races to add to my running memories.
Icebreaker Collage

Late April I ran the Icebreaker 5 mile Road Race. I have been working hard training to run this race under an hour. First time doing the 5 mile one since I have always ran the 3 mile race. This day was full of cold and rain but that didn't stop me. Crossed the finish line in 57:39 min.. Super excited to beat my goal time by almost 3 minutes...

color run LDBG

I had a blast getting colorful with a Color Run 5K to help child abuse. My friend's daughter ran the race as well. We met afterwards and snapped a colorful photo of us together! The next day though on my weekly long run (training for my half marathon) I feel and banged up my knee... So my running came to a slow crawl for a few days while getting my movement back.

800 miles

During my recovery I managed to walk/run to 800 miles. I was bummed though that I had to stop all my long runs while I recovered with my knee since it was bandaged after being scraped and bruised pretty good. Through it all I was able to make it to Half Marathon Day!


During my half marathon training I signed up to run the Bloomsday 12K Race in Spokane WA. This was my first race of this length. 7.47 miles.. I met a local friend there and we started the race together. My goal was to run it in an hour and a half. That was my before fall time so I wasn't going to hold my breath. Well I did pretty good. I ran it in 1 hr 33 min. Only 3 minutes slower than what I wanted so I was super excited. I hope to run this again next year and try to beat my time. Praying no injury just a week before!

half marathon

May 21st was the big day. My first ever half marathon. I knew because I stopped long runs at 10 miles which ended up being 3 weeks earlier, I was afraid time was not going to be record breaking. That's okay because I signed up to do this to complete it, not to beat anything. I went out, did my best and crossed the finish line!

My hubby and my daughter came to cheer me on. They met me at the 3 mile mark, 10 mile mark, 13 mile mark (daughter) and hubby at the finish line!

Tomorrow I will be hitting the 900 mile marker! I am getting close to half way to my 2.017 mile goal for the year! This challenge has really helped me grow as a runner, take more challenges including running a half marathon! Have had this race idea on my bucket list for 3 years and thanks to this Run the Year challenge I put it on my agenda and worked hard to train for the past 5 months.

The second half of the year will be more 5K's, hiking and at least one 10k in August. I love looking around the area for races to run that aren't in town so hopefully I can find some fun ones to conquer before the end of the year!

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