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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Homemade Iced Coffee

There is something about having iced coffee in the Summer. I absolutely love it. Of course, mine is decaf since I kicked the caffeine habit back in November 2010. I came across the best and most delicious iced coffee recipe ever over @ The Pioneer Woman.

I used to just make a pot of coffee through the coffee pot, then pour it into a large caraf. Let it cool down completely, then fill a glass with ice, pour it in along with my yummy vanilla all natural creamer to make iced coffee. Well now that I've made this, this way, I will never go back to the coffee pot again.

Go check out the recipe and her detailed instructions on her website above.


She had a container that held twice as much as mine could to steep the coffee. So I ended up making one batch which you can see above in the picture and then the next day did another batch so I have double what I have above now and about what she had in her one. I just didn't have the space or bowls to make the large one she did at once.


Pour in some yummy creamer and some ice and VOILA!

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