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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

25 Pound Milestone

I know I just posted a few days ago about my weightloss but really excited that I hit my 25 lbs lost milestone today. I've said goodbye to the 170's, the 160's and today I said good bye and good riddence to the 150's...

I had fun taking some pictures today to celebrate this milestone that I've been anticipating for several months.. or should I say over a year.. I really started this weightloss journey back in mid 2010 when I joined Curves. Well I did get a little toned but the weight didn't come off. I then joined Gold's Gym back in December 2010 and after several months of being diligent and committed to going three times a week I started seeing the weight come off in September 2011.

I haven't posted before how much I weighed at the start of all of this, mainly because I was embarrassed for getting to that weight, but I got to 174. (This was the weight I ended up at with my last two pregnancies, but did lose). I slowly ballooned to that weight back in 2009. Kept it steady there for a year and I hated being in my own skin. Mid 2010 is when I said I needed a change.

I am now 149. My original goal was to get to 140. I am keeping that goal but I think I'll keep going once I hit that goal (hopefully by the end of this month). I am only 5' 3". By my size and build I should be between 115-125. Well, I am no spring chicken anymore. I'm 37 with three children under my belt or should I say on my thighs..

But after getting where I am, enjoying the road to this place, I may just keep going to see if I can get back to my high school weight of 120. I know it's going to be hard but I'm up for the challenge! 120 will open many doors for me with my running. Being lighter will help me run longer, and faster. My goal is to run a marathon.. I'm working towards that. Probably won't happen in 2012 but for sure soon.

Here is some pictures I took today to commemorate this wonderful milestone.. 140's and 25 pounds gone! I'm in a solid size 10 and some pants are an 8 so I am real happy with the results so far.. I'll even throw in a before picture so you can really see how far I've come in this journey...

Here I am at my heaviest 174lbs taken Feb 14, 2010..



These three above were taken today at 149lbs

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