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Monday, January 2, 2012

3 in 30 Challenge for January

3in30 Challenge

I've been seeing this on other blogs over the past few months and I really think I should participate. I think this would be wonderful to set 3 goals a month to help me become a better person, mother, and wife.. So for January here is my 3 goals I'd like to accomplish or work on..

1. Be more diligent with my time- I really feel like I am wasting time each day. I need to prioritize and set up a time for certain things each day and stick to it. I don't do well with a tight schedule but I can easily set up one for the bigger things that I know should be done daily.. school, meals, chores..

2. Save more money- I feel like I could save more money & stop spending it. So I'd like to take this month to really try to save more than I have in the past. To be more aware of times I go to the store.. Limit my trips will help and to stay away from sites or shows that may entice me to spend money... ( I want to note that we are debt free except our home mortgage. I just would like to save more money than spend it)

3. Do a Bible Study- I really want to get into the Word. I am happy that I read the entire Bible from July-Oct this past year but I really want to do bible studies. The ones specifically for books of the Bible. I'd like to complete one this month.

This is my 3 goals I'd like to work on this month.. We'll see how it works out in the weeks to come.. Click on the button above if you'd like to join in....


  1. I can totally relate to all of your goals! I really struggled through the time thing last year and finally think I have something that works for me. My hubby and I went through the Financial Peace class (Dave Ramsey) and we have knocked out a ton of debt and got on a good savings schedule. I really recommend it. I also recommend Beth Moore Bible studies. Good luck! I can't wait to read how you have worked through these things.

  2. You have some great goals set. I am excited to see the great things that will be happening for you!!!


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