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Friday, January 27, 2012

3 in 30 January Weekly Update

3in30 Challenge

I posted at the beginning of the month that I am taking the 3 in 30 challenge. You can learn more about it by clicking on the button above.

Can't believe another week has already come and gone since my last post on my 3 in 30 Challenge..

How are my goals going?....

1. Be more diligent with my time- this was the one I thought I would have the hardest time with in all honesty. But I am really happy to see that I am using my time more wisely. I have limited my amount on the computer each day which is huge for me so this is a great step in managing my time. Also, I am now spending more time with my boys. I am around them all day, everyday but I never really think to spend 'time' with them. I guess I've taken for granted the fact they are here with me all day. I am reading to my youngest every night for the past two weeks. We are now in a routine and he looks forward to us cuddling on his bed each night to read a chapter in a book we got from the library. I am also spending more time with my oldest son. This week I've been teaching him things at the gym and he's really enjoying the one on one time we are spending together there. Baby steps.. I'm liking it so far!

2. Save more money- I mentioned this has been a struggle this past week. I didn't get to save the amount I was hoping for but I did get to tuck some away. It's better than nothing. We are also looking to shrink our debt. It's hard because we really only have our home as debt. Our cars are all paid for and our bills are basic needs. We don't have cell phones, or electronic trinkets except our laptops and my MP3 player I use for my workouts at the gym. We don't have credit card debt so I am trying to find ways to shrink how much we spend so we can save more. My main focus this coming weekend is to save more at the grocery store. I may have to really watch ads and try to find online coupons. It's just hard because we don't eat processed foods. Fresh foods are literally more expensive and that's where our money is going.

Hubby will be going to MI for two weeks starting Monday and with that brings more travel money home. That will all be put into savings. I am happy about that. Plus income tax season is fast approaching. We'll have some from that to tuck away. I am also looking into changing internet/phone/cable companies to save money. It will drop our cost by half and put a good chunk into our savings each month.. I'll be looking into that this coming week.

3. Do a Bible Study- On my second week reading Ephesians with my online group. It's going good. Loving the application bible. It makes reading and understanding so nice.


  1. Great goals! I have a Life Application Study Bible and love it. I got it when I graduated and had it re-bound a few years ago when it started falling apart. I didn't want to lose all my highlighted verses and notes! :)

  2. Sounds like an extremely successful week. The problem with cutting money is eventually you get to a point where there is nothing more to cut! Praise God for that!


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