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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heart of Dakota-The Fine Details-Part 2 Science

For the month of January I am contributing to a Virtual Curriculum Fair.. Each week is based off a certain subject. This week's subject is Science. My sole purpose is to post about how I use the Heart of Dakota curriculum with my 10 year old. We are currently using the Preparing His Heart for His Glory set.

If you'd like to read about Part 1- Language Arts that I posted last week you can go HERE to read up on it. I also touched base on the basics of this curriculum as well.

Heart of Dakota Science

I have to be honest. This was one of the subjects in this curriculum that grabbed my attention. My son learns best when he's working hands on and this is very hands on, plus very simple to use. There is real no prep time before you start. Open the book and get going. At the beginning of the year I made sure I had the books needed and when I opened up the lesson book and saw what book was needed I already had it available.

What my son loves about this curriculum is that it's consistent. He knows what's coming on Day 1, Day 2 etc. It helps him have structure and accountability.

Sample of Day 1 for Week 17

On Day 1 we read part of the assigned book, then they have him do copywork of a scripture that pertains to that days reading. Beneath the verse he will write things that helps him review what he read that day. This format is pretty consistent so far these past 16 weeks we've been working through it.

Sample of Day 1 work


Day 2 they read again more of the assigned book. Usually no more than 2-4 pages. This day is scheduled for oral narration. Since this is a Charlotte Mason approach it is used frequently throughout the curriculum. In science it's on Day 2. This is wonderful because I can see what he's learning without him having to write down everything he does. He loves that too. Over the past 16 weeks, he's really improved on the amount of narration he gives me now. We were new to narration this year and he wouldn't speak much at the beginning. He's really improved on this over these weeks.


On Day 3 of the curriculum it's time to answer some questions. After reading the days assigned pages, he will answer at least 5 questions that pertain to that days reading to help with comprehension. Alongside the oral narration, this is working out great!


Day 4 is the last day of the curriculum for the week and it's reserved for experiments. Just like all the other days, there is reading to do first which helps them get a grasp of the experiment to come. A great overview! The curriculum comes with a copy called Science Lab. Perfect to make copies for these experiments each week. So far this year I haven't had any trouble finding the supplies needed to do all of the projects. I think only once did I have to go to the store to buy something for it. Otherwise all of the items I already had on hand.

The Science Experiment's are broken into four parts.. The QUESTION.. What are they trying to teach them. They they GUESS. What do you think the answer is to the question. Then they do the procedure according to the directions. They then copy that down onto the Science Lab form under PROCEDURE. Then they write down the CONCLUSION on the bottom of the form after they have completed the exeriment.


Sample of the Science Lab Form

Well, here is some information about the science portion of this curriculum. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.. Would love to help you out with whatever I can.. Come back next week for more information about Heart of Dakota and how we are using it.. Until then....

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  1. Another great post, Lynn. Sounds like you have been having a great time with science this year.

    Thank you for joining the Virtual Curriculum Fair. I'm tweeting your post. ;0)

  2. We use HOD as well. I actually did Preparing with my dd last year (she was 7) and then went backward and we are doing Bigger this year b/c I wanted to do American History. Weird, I! She fits right in the middle of the age range now, so we will do Preparing next year again when she is 9 (but this time she will do way more on her own). Great post! :)

  3. I am planning on doing Preparing with my 11yo this summer (it will be our first HOD experience). I am not familiar with this Science Experiment book that comes with the curriculum. Is it in the Teacher's guide?


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