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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sassy Water


What is this, you say? This is Sassy Water.. I have never heard of this until yesterday when my great friend mentioned it on her Facebook page. She's been using it for awhile and loved it.. I had to try it myself because I haven't been getting the necessary amounts of water each day since it is cold out!

So what is Sassy Water? It's a medium cucumber, one lemon, 8-10 mint leaves. Put in 2L of water, let sit overnight in fridge and drink.. Delicious!

I was skeptical at first because I'm not a cucumber fan. But this though is awesome. I have had one days worth and already have tomorrow's batch getting ready in the fridge. For the first time this winter, I had no issues in drinking the amount of water I need for a day.

Plus not only are you getting your daily water, you are getting the benefits out of the lemon, mint and cucumber.. Lemons are great for detoxing and cucumbers are helpful for gassy stomach and the mint is also good for your digestive system.. Perfect to help you in your weightloss goals too.. Double bonus....


  1. think I'd rather have your iced coffee :)

  2. that's so funny!! no cucumber water for you? :)


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