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Thursday, February 2, 2012

3 in 30 Challenge February Goals

3in30 Challenge

Another month is here which means new goals to set for February. If you'd like to join in on the 3 in 30 Challenge, just click on the banner above to get more info and to link up your goals for the month.

My 3 goals I would like to work on for February are:

1. Crafting- I have let this go since the holidays. I have all the materials to start my Christmas cards for 2012. I know it's only February... I would like to work on getting my sample complete and work on at least 5 cards a week for this month. I would also like to make some more cards for my stash so I have them ready to send when I need them.

I just made a 2012 mini memory book so I can add thoughts, pictures, momentos etc to it. I'd like to be able to keep up on that. I would like to spend at least once a week making cards and updating my memory book. I would also like to do a craft a week with the boys. Something hands on with them that's not school work.

2. Food- I am having a lot of sweet cravings this month since Christmas. I really want to somehow combat that and not eat as much as I have. I think this is a reason why the scale isn't going down. (it's still the same) I am working out to balance the sweets I've been eating. So this month I would like to see myself limiting sweets each week. Once a week at that and a small amount. I need to eat more often, small portions so I don't end up with an empty stomach and craving sugar foods.

3. Quality Time- I really want to continue with my January goal with a twist. I started out by being more diligent with my time but started working on spending more time with my boys. I really want to focus on that this month. I really feel a pull from the Lord that I need to take more time to BE with my boys. Doing things that they like and getting to know them better on their level. One on one time with them at least once a week and spending time with the boys together at least once a week. I would also like to show them some things I like to do and have them help me with that once a week..

Here is my February goals.. I'll be posting once a week on how my goals are going.. Until then...


  1. Great choices!
    I don't know if it will help you, for me water with a wedge of lemon seems to curb the craving for sweets. I don't know why it works, dont care really as long as it does.!

  2. I drink what's called 'sassy water'. It's lemon, cucumber, and mint which sits overnight in the fridge. I drink 2 gallons of this a day.. I think I might try eating a pickle. It's helped in the past.. :)


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