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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homemade Hostess Style Cupcakes

While on Pinterest I came across this delicious looking recipe to make homemade hostess style cupcakes.. Oh, I sooo had to try these. I haven't purchased anything from Hostess in years and my kids have never had a hostess cupcake so I thought this would be a yummy treat for them. I do want to say this is a bit time consuming, only because you have to wait for the cake to cool completely before you can fill them in and top them with chocolate. Other than that it's pretty easy..

Cupcakes are done!

All filled with gooey yummy filling

Chocolate hardening on top... looking good!

All topped off

Ready to eat.. Looks just like a hostess cake.. mmmmmm

If you'd like to make this recipe go on over to Bakingdom to find out what you'll need to make this and the directions to put it together.. You won't be disappointed....

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