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Friday, March 2, 2012

3 in 30 Challenge February Wrap Up & March Goals

3in30 Challenge

I am just shocked at how quickly time is flying. I just feel like I wrote down my goals for February a couple days ago and now I am pinning my last post on this month.

Well it went better than I thought. I wasn't doing well with my first two goals.. The first being cut back on the sweets. I did though.. I am happy to say that I am continuing to eat it in moderation and not stress over it like I did at the first of the month. The weight is coming off, my calorie content is where it should be so I am happy with the results.

My second goal was to do more cardmaking. 5 cards a week and get my Christmas card started. Needed my starter card completed. Didn't get to that. I did make about 6 cards plus I just finished my son's invitation for his 13th bday. So I guess that wasn't to bad..

My last goal for February was to spend quality time with my boys each week. I have had a fabulous time having this as my goal. It's actually been a goal for both January and February. I really wanted to make a solid foundation of this goal and needed more than a four weeks. I am very happy with the results of this. My boys love the time I spend with them. The yelling has diminished.. Praise God! They also seem so much happier knowing they will get that time with me each week.


So on to March goals..

1. Organization- right now I am in over my head with re-organizing my house. I guess I went hog wild on Pinterest with all the neat ideas you can find on organization. Well I have found some great pins that I have that will work for my house as far as organization. I've purchased everything, now I want to spend this month getting it all put together. This includes, cleaning out ALL the closets, drawers, cabinets.. Getting rid of things I don't need or have not touched since my last deep clean. Sell what I can, and donate what I can't. As I go through everything it will get a deep scrubbing!

2. Health- I am on my way to a healthy weight. I've lost 28lbs so far but would like to lose more. I would ideally like to reach 120 lbs. I know I can't reach that in one month but I want to get closer to it. I am currently at 147 lbs, so 27 lbs to go. So to make this weight goal a reality I would like to spend a minimum of 5 days a week exercising. 3 days a week at the gym and two days either videos, workout routines or running outside. I feel like I need to write this down and be accountable for it. I will continue with my February goal in being mindful of sweets. If I don't make them, I won't eat them!! Since I don't buy packaged food that is my safest bet!

3. Marriage- I would like to add a goal for my marriage. I would like to get my date night packages completed so we can have a once a month date night. I would like to go on a date this month with hubby by the end of the month as well. I also have a project that I have all the supplies for and now need to put it together so I can give it to my husband. I would like to have that finished by the end of the month! I would also like to work on my husband's love language each day for the entire month. I want him to know that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and showing his love language will hopefully show him how much I love and cherish him...

So there's my March goals...


  1. You have a great set of goals set for March! Will look forward to reading about your progress - especially the first one (the organizational one) since I've been working on this throughout the year so far.

  2. I love your goal #3!! Can't wait to see what you come up :)

  3. Keep up the good work. You have come so far with your fitness/health and home. Love your goals for this month.


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