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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Down Another Size...

Today is going down in the record books for me. I just purchased my first size 6 jeans. I wore a size 6 when I met my husband almost 16 yrs ago and then after having my first son, I've never seen this again. Well today I am getting into a size 6..


After I get to my goal weight, will I go and spend the money for my wardrobe to match a size 6. I've just went through two sizes in just a few short months and it's hard for the pocket book.. Size 10 and then to an 8. But I am so not complaining..
It just felt so good to purchase one pair for now and to know that they fit.. I will just work on wearing a belt until I get to my goal weight of just 8 more pounds.. sooooo close!!!
I'm not sure if I want to lose more weight when I hit that goal. I originally wanted to get down to 120 lbs which is what I weighed when I met my husband, but ironically I am 13 lbs heavier and still wear the same size as I did then. That's a huge sign that I am a lot more fit than I've ever been. I have muscle now and not just flab and fat. So because of that I am looking at how my clothes fit, the size of my clothes and then go from there. I don't want to be a bean pole. I want to be muscular, fit, lean and happy with how my body looks in the mirror.. And I want to be a good runner. I want runner's legs... lean, mean and ready for any exercise I want to throw at them..

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