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Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Day Fun-Glowing Eggs

On Easter after we returned from church the boys colored Easter eggs. This was the first year that they did it by themselves so it was neat to see their creations after they completed them.


That evening I wanted to do something different with egg hunting. Our yard isn't really designed to hide eggs as we don't have any trees, shrubs etc so this year, I bought plastic eggs and glow sticks from the Dollar Store and broke them all and stuffed them into the eggs to have a glow in the dark Easter hunt. We did one hunt outside and then came inside to hide them.



The house was literally pitch black and all the boys had were small flashlights to guide them.


Yes, it was dark, my flash was VERY bright. Which made it even harder for them. Everytime I took a picture the flash went off, and as you can tell by the above photo, hubby got involved by shining a very bright light at them to deter them from seeing the glowing eggs.. It was so fun to watch..


When your kids are 10 and 13 you have to get creative since traditional easter egg hunting can be a bit, well... boring so this year they had a blast and we took the eggs that night and lined their rooms with them and they got to fall asleep to a glowing egg room.. They told us the next day they want to do it again like this next year!!

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