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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food Storage

Several months ago we decided it was cheaper to buy in bulk. So we started stocking up but didn't really have a home for any of it. After my daughter went back to live with her dad last Summer we started storing the extra food in her room. Well it kind of just stayed there. Well, now that she's returning in a few short weeks for Summer we needed to find a more permanent solution for our food storage.

We have a Yard Sale page on Facebook for our local town and found this nice big cabinet that is now our new food storage pantry. It's actually a TV compartment but hubby fixed it up on the inside to hold all our bulk food. It looks awesome in our kitchen. All our food is now in the kitchen.. YEH!


I am loving how our house is really starting to feel like home with just the little things like this. We have been in this house now for five years back on May 8th. Sometimes it feels like we've been here that long and other times it feels like we just moved here.

We are also in the midst of working on the outside of our house. Still in the process of growing grass. This has been a five year project and it looks like we are almost done. The backyard needed more seed added so we are working on that. Hubby built some planter boxes off our deck and the back of our house. I'll post pics of that shortly. We are also working on the front yard. Hubby just acquired about 2000 lbs of rock so we are working on putting it in front of our house. I also want to add large pots to plant some annuals in. Still in the process so I will post pics when it's all done! Baby steps...

Fixing the house up and personalizing it.. One thing and one day at a time.....

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  1. I love the idea of using the media cabinet for a pantry. It makes me have a whole new approach to looking at yard sales!


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