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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Outside Makeover

My hubby has been working hard on making our yard awesome in the back. While I've been 'slaving' over the lawn he's been building me things..wink wink..... When we bought our home back in Spring 2007 our entire yard (front, side and back) was nothing but weeds. Since 2007 I've been working hard getting a lawn established. It's looking awesome by the way!! Front is all done, I just did some touch up or spot seeding two days ago and now just watering it so it will fill in these small areas both front, side and back lawns. But I'm so happy to report that it's all really green and looking great.. YEH!

Hubby built a deck two years ago off the side of our home and loving every square inch of it. It was nothing but a big dirt spot with lots of rock and a really poor set of wood steps.. and last year we added a special coating over it to protect it and give us grip in the winters. Now this year we wanted to give it a final touch on the outside. Hubby built two garden boxes. One up against the actual deck and the other to cover up our electric wires, boxes, hoses etc.



Doesn't it look beautiful! I think it really gives our deck a final touch and also cleans up our backyard. Since we live on the corner and 80% of our fencing is chain link we don't really have a lot of privacy so everyone can see pretty much every inch of our yard so this really brings some beauty to our yard.
In the front yard hubby replaced our ugly black metal mailbox and metal stand with this nice BIGGER mailbox and nice post. This mailbox now fits all my bigger packages that I get on a regular basis from book reviewing, curriculum and sending off my Paperback Swap books.. I'm REALLY liking it!


Now hubby is working on a second shed. We have a nice big section on the otherside of the house where we have more privacy since it's a wood fence over there. He's putting in a good size shed from scratch since it's a whole lot cheaper than buying a kit and this will house our garden stuff. He will then be able to use the shed by our deck for his 'man cave' since we don't have a garage. He'll be able to build things and work on his knife making etc. It's going to be really nice for him to have this space all to himself.. He certainly deserves it! I'll post pics of the shed when it's all completed. He just has the shingles to put on.. It's looking awesome!!

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